1. I am loving the brooke and molly collabs lately! I have two little dogs who take over my bed too! They’re both chihuahuas but they take up as much space as a lab! They try to sleep with my husband and I at night, but usually get kicked out. First thing when my husband gets out of bed though, my oldest (my favorite) jumps in bed and steals my hubby’s spot. 😀

  2. You look great! You will start to get your energy back in the next couple weeks for sure!! I craved Mexican during my first pregnancy- especially queso… YUM!

  3. Love the pictures of the dogs, but not as much as your cute little belly! I am excited to follow along in your pregnancy as I think I am finally realizing we are done. Being pregnant 3 times is all I can take, and we are happier than I ever thought we could be right now. Happy Friday
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  4. Oh my, those doggies are cute, cute, cute! What a fun and happy household you will have sharing your bed and everything else with a baby and two of the sweetest dogs ever. I wonder why Mexican food is one of the most craved foods when pregnant? Hmmm….

    Sorry to hear you haven’t got your energy back yet. Hopefully soon! Sending a prayer for you.

    Sue xo

  5. Yay for Baby Buckley!!! And OMG garlic cheese fries… It’s 10:30 in the morning and I need garlic cheese fries. Can’t. Handle. It.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love it. Love the pictures of your dog lying in your bed. Soon it will be your little one taking over your entire house. But it’s wonderful and fabulous. You look great and those garlic fries sound amazing.



  7. I hope your appointment goes well! Reading to your baby is a GREAT idea and such a healthy habit to start. I sang to Avery a lot and when he came out the same songs worked to calm him…it is amazing they can hear at such a young state of development. Praying for energy for you!!

  8. I know that thousands of mothers across the planet will tell you this, they told me this, I didn’t listen. Enjoy the need to rest. You have no idea, and no one can adequately explain to you, how little sleep/rest you are going to get once this sweet baby arrives. Put a spin on it – instead of praying for energy accept the gift of restfulness. 🙂 I know, you wanna hit me now 🙂

  9. Bahaha next time the garlic fries are on me 🙂 and look at those little love muffins they just crack me up…. Soon they will start becoming very protective of your belly…. Wrigley was the first one to know I had gone into labor haha! And I will most certainly pray for your energy ….. And yay for belly buds!!! Love you friend 🙂
    Brooke @ what2wear

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