Hostile Takeover + 14 Weeks!

February 8, 2013·

First, I want to say how much some of y’all cracked me up after reading my silly confessions yesterday – but ESPECIALLY the story of me passing the car on the left. I’m SO glad I’m not the only one that has done that. Good times.

Moving on.

1. Had another awesome Sunday of hanging out with my friend Brooke this weekend – she even let me eat almost an entire plate of garlic cheese fries by myself and she didn’t even judge me. I say ALMOST because she did have some. 🙂 THIS is why we are friends, people. PLUS, she dyed the ends of her hair pink. Girl after my own heart.

2. + 3. + 4. The following three pictures are of my dogs and their hostile takeover of our bed in the morning(s) while I get ready for work. They’re not allowed on the bed at night, but they take full advantage in the morning. I mean, really? Look at them. If I’m this infatuated with adorable, stinky dogs I am SCREWED once this baby arrives. amiright? GAH. REALLY?! So cute.

5. 14 Week update!


still being molly - maternity style: boyfriend jeans, cobalt tank, black cardigan, glitter flatsHere’s my current pregnancy update:

How far along: 14 weeks!
How big is baby: A lemon – 3-3.5 inches.
Weight gain: Just about two pounds.
Sleeping: Getting better, still not great, but improving.
Food cravings: Other than Mexican food, I had the BIGGEST craving for a vanilla or funfetti cupcake yesterday.
Food aversions: Chocolate. I don’t want chocolate at all. Vanilla is fine, but even the smell of chocolate makes me a little queasy.
Symptoms: Doing better this week after a rough week last week. Still fighting the nausea, which is not fun. And I still want to sleep all the time. I know that this is supposed to be waning, but so far, no sign of it letting up.
Doctor’s appointment: My 14 week appointment is today (Friday!)
Movement: Still none.
Best moment of the week: So, I’ve read in a lot of places that baby can HEAR now. Obviously the sounds are muffled, but I still like to think that baby hears what’s going on. So yes, I started reading to baby AND my sweet friend Brooke gave me her belly buds from when she was pregnant, so now I’m playing MUSIC for baby! I even found a lullaby Pandora station so baby gets to listen to lullabies.
What I’m looking forward to: I can’t WAIT to feel this baby move. I know it’s going to be a while, but I really can’t wait.
What I did / Got for baby: Still nothing really yet – except that I’m reading to baby and playing baby music.
What I learned this week: That baby can hear now! SO COOL!
Prayer requests: I feel like a broken record, but prayer for energy. I just want /need energy. I just want to feel up to doing things. I still just don’t feel like doing anything but eating and sleeping. I want to be not lame anymore. 🙁


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