1. I’m liking the chain link bracelets and necklaces lately so I would have to go with the bracelet with the starfish. Fun accessories! Congrats again on your amazing news, it’s fun to watch you go on this adventure!

  2. The quatrefoil necklace has been on my list for a bit. Very fitting that it is a part of the giveaway!

  3. Um you are looking so precious these days…This bump is killing me!! You are seriously going to be the BEST mom, Molly….I am giddy on meeting this new bundle of joy! Score on the Target maternity finds….good thing…so many things are made bigger these days that sometimes maternity isnt even needed.

  4. I recommend wrap dresses for maternity wear. You can adjust the wrap belt to go above belly and the dress adjusts as you grow. I also bought regular (non maternity) empire waist dresses. I felt like stores charged extra for clothes that were called “maternity”

    Not Going Out Like That

  5. you’re supossed to remind me about target coupons remember??? I actually bought that skirt on clearance a few weeks ago! Now I want to go use that coupon and get some pants! Have you bought any maternity skinny jeans? I want to find some! you look adorable!

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