1. Aw, you are looking fantastic, Molly!

    My pup loves sleeping in strange positions – recently she’s gotten into sleeping sprawled across my belly at night. I thought it was fun at first but she’s done it 2-3 times now!

  2. Salad looks tasty!!! Sweet hubby going on there! Adorable fur babies (love mine too, all 3 felines) Get a pedi more often girlfriend………my hubby is NOT a foot rubber..so I pay a scrawny asian dude to do the job, nice colorful toes are a bonus! Baby is coming along….sorry for the sickness. Maybe you can use it as a guilt trip when baby rue is a teenager!!!!! Prayers sweetie!

  3. Love your belly pictures. SOrry you feel nauseous again. It can come back especially in the third trimester when your stomach has no room!!! Hope you feel better soon. Would love it if you liked my blog Vodka Infused Lemonade on facebook.



  4. 1. You three are adorable…
    2. I sincerely hope your nausea goes away soon…but I think that my lack of nausea contributed to a much higher weight gain earlier for me. I had probably gained ten pounds by this point… I think… hahahaha!
    3. Tater is HILARIOUS.
    4. BLOUSE. WANT.


  5. I remember the first time I felt Jonah move (my first son)…We were Barnes & Noble looking at magazines and Jewel’s christmas CD was playing. It felt like the flutter of butterfly wings in my stomach. It was so light and gentle, just like he was reaching out and stroking my tummy, letting me know he was waking up. He’s always been like that, gentle, loving, compassionate and self-sacrificing.

    The first time I felt Rowan, he kicked me so hard in the ribs I yelped! This was also forshadowing… 🙂

  6. You’re doing great!!! I just hope the nausea subsides for you! It’s such an awful feeling…I love your pregnancy updates! Love you!

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