Moments + 15 Weeks!

February 15, 2013·

Happy Friday!

This week felt like it went by inordinately slow, but that’s okay. It’s Friday!

I had a great (and MUCH NEEDED) girl’s afternoon on Sunday – got a mani / pedi – my first in almost a YEAR.

My friend Dani and I are pregnant at the same time (you saw her announcement photos here) – and the crazy thing is, we are the SAME SIZE and she is six months pregnant! Crazy.

I’m trying (read: TRYING) to eat healthier. It’s HARD because my cravings are so specific and some of the healthy foods make me SUPER nauseous – but thankfully I was craving a Cobb salad on Sunday and so I made a homemade one for dinner.

But don’t worry concerned pregnant or once-pregnant women, the bleu cheese on the salad was pasteurized and I nuked the turkey you see before you. HOORAY pregnancy food precautions!

Tater decided this was a comfortable position for her to “relax” in – bizarre.

Audrey is a cuddler through and through. I love this furry baby.

Woke up Valentine’s Day morning and went downstairs to head out the door for work and found this in the kitchen. I know it’s gushy to say one loves her husband, but it’s true. All my favorite things. AND (not pictured) he got me Welch’s Sparkling Grape juice so we could have bubbly at dinner on Valentine’s Day since preggo ladies can’t have the real thing. I love this man. <3

Ah yay! Now it’s time for my 15 week pregnancy update!still being molly - maternity style: still being molly - maternity style: yellow OVI blouse, Gap jeans, Ooh Baby Designs cobalt chevron scarf, and cobalt chuck taylorsHow far along: 15 weeks!
How big is baby: A navel orange – 3.5-5 inches!.
Weight gain: Just about three pounds.
Sleeping: I’m having crazy weird dreams now – not pregnancy dreams, just bizarre dreams.
Food cravings: Chipotle. What else is new?
Food aversions: Still chocolate.
Symptoms: This week has decided to treat me like I’m still in my first trimester. I’m back to being CRAZY nauseous all day long. It’s bad. But hey, that just means baby is healthy!
Doctor’s appointment: Not for another three weeks.
Movement: The other night I thought I actually felt movement, I’m not totally sure what it was – but it kinda felt like there was a ball rolling around in my tummy. Who knows?
Best moment of the week: Playing music for baby – I know it’s weird but I love it.
What I’m looking forward to: I really just can’t wait till I feel this baby kick for sure!
What I did / Got for baby: Turns out we are going to be buying a crib (we thought we were going to use John’s crib from when he was a baby), but that turned out to not be the case. We do have a dresser though!
What I learned this week: Baby’s skin is so thin at this stage that it’s actually translucent. That’s crazy to think about!
Prayer requests: Just continuing to pray for the health and safety of the baby! I know every mom says it, but really, I just want this to be a healthy baby!

Okay, so how about you? How’s YOUR week?

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