1. I’m a little late to the game but I feel like I have to comment that your photos captured such a beautiful, relaxed and FUN wedding! Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your photos are SO beautiful and I love love love the pink cowboy boots!!! I hope you two had a wonderful anniversary!

  3. Congrats on your first anniversary! I loved your photos (you had a fabulous photographer & looked beautiful)! I usually don’t like the jeans on the wedding party, but I’m pretty sure you’ve changed my mind on that subject… Ya’ll totally ROCKED the denim & it looked classy! <3 Also, I love your Phi Mu tradition! I have a couple friends that are Phi Mu's & I'm a Kappa Delta. So I love seeing weddings where sorority traditions are involved. 🙂

    Oh & I love that you guys love Jesus… That makes my heart happy & I hope I find a man that loves the Lord as much as your husband does! (Or as much as I feel he does from reading this one blog. Lol. :))

  4. Ok I just made it through all of your gorgeous pictures, with a smile growing on my face the entire time! Such a magical looking day, and the way you two love birds look at each other – toooo adorable!
    I am going to file away the table naming cuteness that you used for my “one day”!
    Happy anniversary you two cuties!

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  5. this is lovely!!! happy 1 year girl!!!! 🙂 eeeekkkk!!! now y’all need lots of baby bump pictures! 🙂 and if you still need a shoot on your style, I should be coming to NC in march! congrats on 1 year pretty lady! 🙂

  6. Happy Anniversary! LOVE the pink boots! My wedding day was def the best day of my life! Well..up until the day my daughter was born. That was pretty special too 🙂

  7. Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your very special day, I feel like I was there! And yes… I did cry! 🙂 Beautiful!

  8. Molly! Happy Anniversary! I just want to say that I hope my wedding this July is filled with as much love and laughter as yours. I’m planning on doing a first look and I really can’t wait!
    Enjoy your day today!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful images! Beautiful Memories! Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us! I wish you many many many more happy blissful years with your growing family!

  10. Molly, thanks so much for sharing again! You were a stunning bride and it looked like you enjoyed your wedding day too.

    It is so encouraging to hear a bride say the things of her husband and marriage as you have posted above. Gives me hope.

    And…. if I ever get married, you are planning my wedding! You have a gift for sure.

  11. Your entire wedding was Pinterest perfect…and those invitations you made…oh girl, they were ADORABLE!! Thanks for sharing your BIG day and happy anniversary. And if you don’t mind me asking, what happened to your mom? I didn’t know that you lost her.

    1. thank you SO much, shanna!! we really wanted the whole day to feel like “us” 🙂

      and i don’t mind at all – my mom passed away a little over 10 years ago – long story short she was a nurse in the Vietnam War and contracted an illness due to her exposure to chemicals when she was there. she got sick from it when i was 7 and was sick for 10 years before she died when i was a senior in high school.

  12. Happy Anniversary!!! These photos are amazing, and I LOVE all of the personal touches you guys included on your wedding day. I love the idea of naming tables after significant dates/things in your relationship, and I also loved seeing all of the things you designed and made yourself. You have such beautiful photographs to remember such a beautiful day. Enjoy your anniversary, here’s to many more years together for you and John!! 🙂


  13. You looked stunning Molly! I loved your dress, and especially how you paired it with the bright pink cowboy boots…so you! Happy anniversary to you both!

  14. Molly, thank you for sharing your special day with us!! It was beautiful in every way. We used a Bible for the rings in my daughter’s wedding as well and did the dad’s “first look” and groom’s “first look”. Great choices! Happy Anniversary!! Blessings on this coming year!!! XO

  15. happy anniverisy:)
    Not gunna lie the photo of your dad seeing you for the first time made me tear up, such a sweet photo! and Im luving the country vibe. Ive seen the cowboy boots done a few times, always great look but never the jeans thats AWESOME! so laid back!

  16. Oh my goodness, has it really been a year? It has FLOWN BY! Congratulations – this wedding memoir filled me with joy!

    PS – I just have to say this. That kiss (the one on stage after you were “pronounced man and wife” looks like a doozy 😉 )

  17. Molly, I’m a wedding planner here in NYC, and I have to say your photos are amazing and the style of your wedding is downright gorgeous! I loved all the pop of pink, and huge kudos to creating your own invitations. They are better than some professional ones I’ve seen up here.
    Have a great week!

    Southern Love/City Lights

  18. What a wonderful day! Happy Anniversary! Your photos are beautiful and I am in the process of trying to find a photographer for my wedding in Oct(its our 10 yr anniversary). I want to be able to look back and remember every moment.
    I love that the men wore denim, it looked awesome! I wonder if I can talk my husband into wearing denim instead of suit pants. 🙂
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

    1. thank you so much, elizabeth!! oh man – i should do a blog post on it! 🙂 the shoe game is a game you play at the reception where the bride and groom have their backs to each other and the DJ asks questions and you lift the shoe of the person who is “guilty” of that question – kinda hard to explain in a short response, but it’s really fun!!

  19. Awwww these photos actually made me cry they are so beautiful and you looked absolutely amazing and even more amazing now that you are expecting you make a stunning pregnant ladie 🙂 your glowing now and your were glowing the day you wed stunning I really enjoyed this 🙂 Happy Anniversary and maybe you have many more xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hugs and kisses Nina 🙂

  20. ahh molly i love your wedding photos!! thank for reliving teh day for us, i certainly didn’t mind!! my husband and i did the chord of three strands too in fact i think we have the exact same one!! i love all the details of your special day, happy anniversary you lovebirds!

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