Caroline G. Shop Necklace Giveaway (two winners!)

February 19, 2013·

I know that I’ve had more giveaways than normal this month, but I thought, “Hey, it’s February. And February contains both Valentine’s Day AND my Wedding Anniversary. So, I feel full of love this month. And what better way to show love than to sew love and give stuff away to awesome people?” Right? Right!

My thoughts exactly.

Carrie from Caroline G. ShopI’m super excited for today’s giveaway because I LOVE THIS GIRL. No, seriously. I do. Carrie from Caroline G. Shop is not only a sweet blog friend but she’s a sweet in-real-life friend and I LURVE her. I met her through triFABB and I am SO glad this girl is in my life. We are kind of like long-lost sisters.

Other than the fact that we’re practically the same height, both have brown hair and hazel eyes, we love THE UNC Tar Heels, pink, green, polka dots, sparkly TOMS, sororities, and just being awesome – I love her heart! She has a HUGE heart for the Lord and for people and is one of THE nicest people I have ever met.

I mean, last week on Valentine’s Day, she went around giving heart balloons to random strangers. I LOVE THAT.

Anyway, Carrie owns an ADORABLE shop called Caroline G. Shop and this week she’s running a SERIOUSLY amazing promotion – she’s giving away FREE 3-stone bubble necklaces (all you have to do is pay shipping) on her Facebook page. Check out the offer here!

BUT, in the meantime, Carrie is being even MORE awesome and giving away an AWESOME prize to not one but TWO of my readers. YEAH!

TWO lucky readers will win FIVE (count ’em, FIVE) 3-stone bubble necklaces in their choice of 13 colors! The winners could TOTALLY get necklaces to match every outfit. I mean, REALLY? I have a CNU blue 3-stone necklace from Carrie’s shop and it’s one of my favorites! I get compliments on it ALL the time!

This is the fabulous Lauren modeling an orange necklace:

3-Stone Bubble Necklace Giveaway from Caroline G. ShopAnywho. Use the Rafflecopter tool below to enter the giveaway – it’s open from now until February 26th at midnight EST! Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway