1. shoot! I’m not sure. I really like the coral that Lauren has in the photo. I would probably also go for a black, a blue, a red… and I’d really have to think about the last one!
    With Luck

  2. 5 necklaces?! 5?! Wow! Awesome giveaway! Definitely love coral, turquoise and white. But maybe also navy and yellow. Yellow is out of my comfort zone but I’m trying to start stepping outside the box! 🙂

  3. I don’t know what colors I would buy, but I would definitely get a shade of green so I could give it to my mom. I would love purple because its my favorite. I think I would try to give some away since Carrie is being such a blessing to us by giving away 5 – I’d like to bless others.

  4. Since I ordered a white mini and a free blue one today…I think I would go for black, yellow, coral, red, and turquoise! Or green, or gray, so many choices! Love ya Molly!

  5. Ah fun! What a generous giveaway! The necklace is so pretty, it is hard to narrow down which colors but I think I would pick turquoise, coral, navy, grey, and black!

  6. I liked both pages on Facebook and am following you on Bloglovin as Agi. I would pick white or orange,



  7. Thanks for the intro to a super cute shop! I love the orange necklace being modeled! Love those pops of bright colors!

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