1. Hey Girl! Happy Anniversary (again!)! Hope your hubs is feeling better! Ice cravings can mean you’re low on iron. Didn’t know that until my daughter was both ~ craving ice & low on iron & the doctor told us they can be related. Not saying YOU are but just wanted to pass that along! Happy weekend! XO

  2. I haven’t been blogging very well lately and I certainly haven’t been keeping up with the blogs I love, so I JUST NOW saw that you are pregnant. Aaaaahhhh! I’m so happy! You’re gonna be one of those adorable, “hip” mommies that is friends with all of her kids’ little friends. 🙂

  3. You look gorgeous Molly. I love that necklace. Have totally entered. Hope I win. Keep my fingers crossed!!!



  4. I’m thinking of your hubby and praying for a quick recovery. Hope you have a fantastic weekend and get to catch up on some of that missed sleep!

  5. Sorry your hubby is sick. I hope he gets better real quick! And I know it’s SO HARD to just buy one baby thing for a friend who’s having a baby. I ended up buying my friend’s baby enough pjs to last him until he’s like 4 {Ok maybe not that many}.

  6. Oh my goodness, baby shoes are my obsession this week. I’ve bought 2 pairs and pinned a few DIY’s! There’s just something so adorable about them and it’s really very silly since babies don’t event walk until they’re nearly one!

    You look amazing and I can’t wait for you to feel the baby kick. It’s the best part of pregnancy (to me)!

  7. you looked fab on your anniversary! (ironically on our I didn’t even get a chance to comb my hair…life with a baby! lol).

    Prayers your hubby starts feeling well…and that you and baby stay healthy!

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