Random + 16 Weeks!

February 22, 2013·

Just some random things this week – no organized “Top 5” or anything like that – it’s just been a random week and so, in turn, you get a random Friday.

Hubby and I out to dinner for our anniversary. I know you’ve already heard about this TWICE this week, but oh well, you get to hear about it again!

The official video for “Like Jesus Does” by Eric Church was released this week! I actually love that he chose to play the acoustic version for the video and keep it so simple. The song doesn’t need anything else! It was our first dance song and our anniversary was (obviously) on Monday… is this a coincidence? I think not!

Lunch with old friends. I was SO SO SO excited that some of my old friends from Richmond were in town for a comedy festival and so I got to see them! I really miss doing comedy with these people – they are HILARIOUS.

SO glad y’all are loving the amazing giveaway that Carrie is hosting on the blog this week. Be sure to check it out!

3-Stone Bubble Necklace Giveaway from Caroline G. Shop16 week pregnancy update!still being molly - maternity style: black pencil skirt, black wedges, black and white polka dot tank, white blazerHow far along: 16 weeks!
How big is baby: An avocado! (5 inches)
Weight gain: I think five pounds? Maybe six.
Sleeping: Still having bizarre nightmares and getting up a billion times in the middle of the night. Literally a billion.
Food cravings: Crushed ice. Weird? Yes.
Food aversions: No chocolate and plain rice kind of makes me want to gag. Why? No idea.
Symptoms: Nausea (still) and I’m still SO SLEEPY.
Doctor’s appointment: In two weeks!
Movement: Still not sure if it’s movement or what…
Best moment of the week: Playing baby the soundtrack to LOST. 🙂
What I’m looking forward to: I really just can’t wait till I feel this baby kick for sure!
What I did / Got for baby: One of John’s coworkers never had kids and so she is loving having an excuse to buy baby stuff. So far she’s bought us FIVE pairs of ADORABLE baby shoes and boots. Seriously. These things are cute.
What I learned this week: Baby is growing like CRAZY!
Prayer requests: My poor husband is sick so I’m actually praying for him to feel better (and also praying that I don’t catch what he has).


Happy Friday!

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