1. I would call it purple, though I definitely see your dilemma. If you called it pink I wouldn’t correct you. Dang you Target being all confusing with your colors! 🙂

  2. Molly I LOVE the way the cardigan under the denim looks! You’d think that would be one I would have figured out on my own by now but NOPE. I am going to try that this week for sure, so thank you for the inspiration.

    p.s. You are looking adorable!!


  3. I love that color on you!!! Is it magenta? Although I’ve seen a number of different jades I’d call magenta too… Whatever it is, it’s beautiful on you! And yay for pockets!

  4. Two of my favorite bloggers!!! yay!!! Love you both. And high five on this little Target number. They have a great maternity section. That’s where I got most of my stuff when I was pregnant!

  5. Now, this is an especially tricky question because purples and pinks rarely photograph accurately (in my experience, at least). However, I believe it would be considered a “red-violet” — I have a blazer in a similar color. It was listed as fuchsia, but a friend told me there was no way it was. We looked at colors online and found “red-violet” to be the best match. Either way, it’s a great dress and looks fabulous on you!

  6. All dresses should have pockets! And it looks pink to me . . . but I see what you mean, it kind of looks purple, too.

    Are you and your hubby going to find out the gender of the baby?!

      1. Good for you! My friend/coworker had a baby last year and they didn’t find out. Needless to say, it was “hard” to pick out a present beforehand. We had a baby shower after she was born. It just added to the excitement!!

  7. Everything in life is better with pockets. I think coffee cups should have pockets to keep cookies. I know. I’m brilliant.

    That dress is fuchsia to me.


  8. I love Katie’s blog 🙂

    Super cute dress…I think I’d say it’s pink or magenta 🙂 Doesn’t Target have a great selection of maternity clothes? I’ve found several staples there at great prices!

  9. The little touch of floral in the cardigan really goes well with the strong coloured dress and the neutral denim – looks great! Thanks so much for hosting again. I have been a little silly today – have my Zoolander happening by the looks of it!!

  10. You look soooo beautifully glowing Molly, this purple dress is a great find! And so exciting to “meet” another fellow blogger who is also pregnant! Feels like a baby boom:) It’s so funny that our babies will be the same age, we could open a kindergarten if lived closer:)
    Many kisses

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