Hair Care + The Like

February 26, 2013·

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This is how I feel about hair care.

I will be honest, I am NOT great with hair. I mean, I know how to wash and dry it properly. I know about “leave-in” treatments and all that jazz (even though I don’t do them like I know I probably should…). Hair is just not my strong suit.

I mean, remember that time I did a hair curling tutorial? Yeah, I try not to, either.

Anyway, even since I chopped all my hair off and donated it, I thought by doing so I’d be making my hair life a whole lot easier and that it would feel healthier and whatnot.

Well, I’ll be honest, it hasn’t. My hair has just felt blech and dull and more blech and more dull lately. I blowdry it and I flat iron it, but if I try to curl it, it looks awful. And overall, the texture of my hair has just not felt awesome.

I know it sounds like I’m being complainy and I don’t mean to at all – I’m just being real. I don’t love my hair 99% of the time. I LOVE my hair when I leave the salon, but once I get home and I’m on my own when it comes to care and styling, that’s when it all goes downhill.

One thing that I’ve never honestly felt confident in is my styling products of choice – especially with my shampoo and conditioner.

Now, I’ve used the same shampoo forever (I have awkwardly dry scalp) and so I have to use a moisturizing product and I will switch up my conditioners to see what I like. But I’ve never found a combination that I REALLY like.

I find that the products I use either make my hair dry and frizzy or they weigh it down and my hair feels greasy and I’ve just blow dried it. Know what I mean? Does that happen to you? Am I the only one?! I just want my hair to feel like it feels when I leave the salon and pay someone else to wash and dry it without spending $25 on a bottle of shampoo. IS THAT SO HARD TO ASK FOR?! No? Yes? 🙂

Also, a side note, some women when they’re pregnant have GREAT, shiny, vibrant hair – while others while they’re pregnant end up with dull, dry hair. Yeah, I’m in the later of those groups. *Le sigh*

ANYWHO. Rambling.

I was recently sent samples of the new Vidal Sassoon Pro Series moisture shampoo and conditioner. I honestly have never used or even tried Vidal Sassoon products, but I’ve always heard great things about them.

still being molly - Vidal Sassoon Pro Series review

Well, I’ve been using the samples for the past couple of days, and while I’ll be totally honest with you and say they aren’t “life changing” hair products, I do have to say that I really like the way my hair has felt this week!

The shampoo and conditioner both have a light, but pleasant smell and best of all they DON’T leave residue! Now one day I DID NOT blow dry my hair to see how my hair air-dried with these products and the other day I DID to see how my hair reacted to it being, well, blow-dried with these products.

When I DIDN’T blow-dry my hair, my hair was definitely a little more static-y than normal so I had to use a spray to control fly-aways, but when I blow-dried my hair, it felt soft and not too dried out and again NO residue which made me happy!

It’s hard to tell because I was on my own taking these photos and the wind was blowing like CRAZY, but this is my hair when it’s air dried and just flat ironed a little (it looks a little flat here because, again, the wind was blowing like crazy… forgive me):

still being molly - Vidal Sassoon Pro Series review

And sadly, the close up pictures of my hair did not come out great when I took the blow-dried photos over the weekend. But, this photo from yesterday’s post, is what my hair looked like when I used the products and blow-dried my hair. It’s a little more full and has more volume:

still being molly - Vidal Sassoon Pro Series review

Overall I really liked the Vidal Sassoon moisture shampoo and conditioner and will definitely keep using them for the rest of the month to get a more accurate picture of how my hair interacts with them. However, I can’t honestly say right off the bat that they are the best thing since sliced bread, but I do like them.

Have you ever tried Vidal Sassoon products? What hair products are YOUR must-haves? What would you suggest for a hair-challenged person like me to use?

Great hair doesn’t have to cost a fortune. At Kroger, you can achieve salon-inspired results, brilliantly priced, when you purchased new Vidal Sassoon Pro Series hair products. Download coupons for the already affordable products, now through March 2. Happy shopping (and shampooing)!

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