1. I have blah hair too! It’s taken me yeeears to appreciate my hair and find a good routine with it. My new favorite product is Pure Abundance Style Prep from Aveda. It makes my hair super soft whether I air or blow dry it, it gives me good volume, and it doesn’t take very much to do either. Fantastic!

  2. I use Garnier Pure Clean shampoo and conditioner. It doesn’t have the chemicals that so many other brands do. My hair has been softer and shinier since I started using it. Plus it is inexpensive. A few times a week, I supplement this with dandruff shampoo to get rid of the flaky, dry skin. I am currently using Suave Professionals in coconut because the store was out of the kind I was using last time. I am not sure if it works better than other dandruff shampoos, but it does smell nice.

  3. Hey Molly! I hear ya when it comes to finding the right product. I have KAHRAZY curly hair and even moving from Florida to NC hasn’t changed much with the humidity – though humidity doesn’t affect me all the time. My problem right now is that it’s drying out more and losing curl.

    I agree with Sandra though, I am a HUGE proponent of the $25 bottles of shampoo/conditioner. To be honest, my daughter and I tend to use slightly more conditioner rather than shampoo. I remember my hair guy telling me that when I use a drug store product or off the shelf product I’m essentially washing my hair with laundry detergent. So, we use Paul Mitchell super strong daily shampoo and conditioner. I buy a liter of conditioner and a regular size shampoo. It takes us almost 3 months to get through the conditioner and we use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. For styling, I use Chi Silk Infusion, Rusk Being Sexy Cream for more hold if I’m going out, and Lotta Body setting lotion. Total cost for my purchase over 3 months is roughly $75. That’s about $25 a month, but without those items my hair looks like Young Einstein’s.

    Heads up on getting curls. There are 2 definites you should think about using to get curls, a heat protector and a setting lotion. I have been using setting lotions for years, and lotta body does the job at the cheapest price. It’s very light so it won’t weigh your hair down. Apply both products, give a few minutes to dry a bit, grab some bobby-pins, and then curl and pin. Give the curls time to set, and when you pull them out, you should be able to shoosh and go 🙂

  4. so glad to hear a non-raving review for a sponsored product-placement! i tend to wonder about those…but of course, you’d keep it real! i used to vidal sassoon back in the nineties. i’m currently using euphora, which my sister loves (she’s a hair person and an euphora product educator), but i can’t stand it. the smell! she got it from a hair supply place, so i can’t return it. otherwise i would! i have to say i’ve had the best hair luck with bumble and bumble. as others have said before, you get what you pay for. i’ll gladly pay more for skincare, haircare, and jeans. the rest i can fake it!

    and it baby-hair news, my hair has just gotten more and more blah and meh. no volume, tangly ends, slightly thin in the front-middle of my head. bangs do help, but bangs are nearly impossible with kids under the age of two. unless you’re one of those crazy lucky people who have a kid who sleeps until 8 and quietly sits there while you wrangle with your bangs.

    1. thank you so much for your comment, amber! and yes! i will always always keep it real – even if the post is sponsored. i don’t ever want to fool someone into thinking i love something and i don’t. and wow! i’ve never heard of Euphora – and it smells bad? crazy!! but i agree – you definitely get what you pay for. thanks, girl!

  5. Oh no! This makes me so sad to read this 🙁
    I tell my clients “your hair is the outfit you never take off so you should love it” ok, I will try to keep this short…ish….
    Product wise you get what you pay for…better quality ingredients equals better results. Lower quality products tend to have a lot of panthynol (Pantene is the worst product you could use) this creates a build up of wax on the hair making it shiny for a while but then dull, heavy and coated. Quality is key. That’s why stylists use professional brands only, you can usually find sales on larger sizes that will last longer at larger retailers( Goldwell & Kevin Murphy are the two lines I use in my salon, but Other good brands are Joico, Redken, Morrocan Oil, KeratinComplex) …but to add here you should be washing at MOST only every other day….and only using about the size of a quarter for shampoo, lather, rinse & if you need repeat with another quarter size of shampoo. Conditioner apply to ends first, then add to the scalp & let saturate (while you wash your body/shave etc).
    Natural hair will never “listen” & so you must use a product specified to your hair type/texture and desired styling result. For ex. I ALWAYS use a mousse or blow dry lotion to blow out my clients’ hair (gives volume, hold, shine & heat protection) and if you are flat ironing without a heat protector you will singe the hair & are essentially burning it every time resulting in more dryness, frizz & damage.
    Oils are the BIG rage now but be warned….only a product that contains Argon Oil ( like Morrocan Oil ) is actually beneficial to your hair replenishing it with vitamins…others are simply silicone & do nothing for the integrity of the hair.
    Also the big thing clients forget is to section when you blow dry, it actually goes faster and you have more control over the hair. You can also pick up some big Velcro rollers and after you dry a section roll it…allowing it to cool resulting in firmer volume. AND….practice, practice, practice 🙂
    Sorry to go on & on but I hope this will help you & fellow readers.
    I tell my clients it’s my job to educate them every time they come in to get their hair done….kinda feel like I just did a mini guest post….but I would be happy to answer any other questions 🙂

  6. I wish I could use an over the counter product! I have been super spoiled. I am a liscensed Cosmetologist so I have a whole arsenal of products to make my hair look fabulous…I won’t go into too much detail because it would take all day! BUT, my all time favorite Shampoo and Conditioner are from TIGI Catwalk called “oatmeal & honey” which was so amazing smelling that I could have eaten it! Sadly, they discontinued it, you can still find it in some stores like Target, and Albertsons (not sure if you have that in SC). But I won’t buy from there, because it’s a product of diversion, which is gross. The shampoo and condition can be pasted through a ton of distruibutors and then dilluted with who knows what! Gross!!
    Sorry I’ll stop rambling. If you are going to buy a really good shampoo I highly recommend Ulta. They have liscenses to sell of their products and always run great specials! 2 for $15 liters!

    If you feel like your hair isn’t shiny or feeling dull you may want to go to your hairdresser :o) and ask for a “Colorance” or a “Demi-permanent” Clear* Make sure you ask for clear!! This will not change your hair color and has low peroxide and all the gross yuckies you want to avoid when pregnant. It’s low maintence, doesn’t take very long to put on and process, and also comes with a low price tag!

    Sorry If I rambled forever. You’re awesome! And it’s really fun to see your new outfits for baby!! :o) Hope you are having a great week!

  7. I am always going back and forth on what shampoos and conditioners I use – I’ve never really found one I totally LOVED. Also, your hair always looks so pretty so if you DO have issues you do a great job at hiding them 🙂

    Sea and Swank

  8. Okay, but your hair curling tutorial was nowhere near as bad as this one – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdVuSvZOqXM – it might be fake but it cracks me up every time.

    I’m something of a product junkie and use about 3 different shampoo& conditioners – I just rotate through them during the week. I’m a huge fan of the organix products but of course I have to wait until they go on sale (or I have a coupon) because, you know, the dollhairs add up…

      1. nah, I pretty much guessed it was fake because she doesn’t really react? But so I just watched your tutorial and I love it so when I said “not as bad” I really didn’t mean for that to sound like yours was bad at all. I think we must have learned tutorial making at the same place. My favorite part was “glad I didn’t say an expletive!”

  9. I’ve never tried these products, but it looks like it might be worth giving it a go! I have the same issues as you with shampoo/conditioner. Residue is the absolute worst. I’ve pretty much given up on traditional conditioner to use leave-ins instead. It definitely helps with the weighed-down feeling!

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