1. i truly need a new lunch bag, so i am really interested in that prize! hopefully my big lunch would fit in it. 🙂 and you can never go wrong with a j crew gift card, their pencil skirts are always calling my name!

  2. I am excited about every prize! I love Ooh Baby (I bought my B&W chevron scarf after you introduced me to it)! But I also think the J. Crew could come in handy for some fabulous spring clothes!!!

  3. Oops, not sure if my comment went through. Anyway, I’m most excited for the J. Crew card! I’m obsessed with that store.

  4. Hey Molly, Great giveaway. HOw did you get involved in a group giveaway? I would love to somehow get involved in something like that. Oh and I”m doing a link up next thursday. Show me how you wear cobalt.



  5. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway. I’m very excited about the $40 gift card to J Crew. I already followed you (Molly) and Jenny on GFC and now Bloglovin’.

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