Awkward and Awesome Friday + 17 Weeks!

March 1, 2013·

Ahhh Friday. One of my favorite days ending in “day.”

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve kind of been all over the place in many senses of the phrase and so I figured why not share some awkward and awesome?


  • So, coming home from life group on Monday (life group is just another term for small group or bible study) John and I come home to discover that our dogs have broken open my bottle of prenatal vitamins and eaten the ENTIRE thing. Yes. My dogs ate my prenatal vitamins. To make matters worse, they had barfed in like four places in our house. One of which was the couch… which I did not discover until I SAT IN IT. Yes, I sat in dog barf. It was as terrible as it sounds and it did NOT make an already nauseous preggo lady happy.
  • I was so worried that my dogs were going to OD on prenatal vitamins – I figured 90+ pills can’t be good for a dog. Luckily they had already barfed most of them up and I then spent time with them in the backyard giving them hydrogen peroxide to make them throw up the rest. It was not pretty. READ: the dogs are just fine… they are just as happy as can be now and they act like nothing ever happened. I now know not to leave my bottle of prenatal vitamins sitting on the kitchen counter. Who knew?
  • Also, our house has smelled like dog barf all week. It is awful. We are STILL trying to clean it all. Gross, I’m aware, but I’m keeping it real here.
  • I was giving a presentation on blogging and personal branding to a class in the journalism school at UNC and I burped. Right in the middle of my presentation. I blamed it on the baby.
  • The staff at Chipotle now know that I’m pregnant and they can tell because I am eating there more often than usual.


    • Well, the bright side of the dog barfing on our couch and RUINING it? Husband and I went out and bought a new couch on Wednesday night! HUZZAH for new couches that don’t stink up the house!
    • I felt the baby move this week! YAY! (more details in my preggo update below)
    • I discovered that the Wendy’s by my office has the Coke machine with the 100+ combinations. You know what that means? THEY HAVE CAFFEINE FREE DIET COKE ON TAP. Which I can drink! Winning.
    • THIS. (I shared this on my Facebook page earilier this week and it literally made me BAWL my eyes out. It is awesome and I dare you to watch it and not tear up):

still being molly - maternity style: men's button-up shirt, belt, leggings, riding bootsThis week’s pregnancy update:

How far along: 17 weeks!
How big is baby: A sweet potato! (5.5 inches)
Weight gain: I honestly didn’t weigh myself this week. Woops.
Sleeping: Eh.
Food cravings: This restaurant here in town called [B]Ski’s. I want it ALL THE TIME.
Food aversions: No chocolate… still. And I also have no desire for Tokyo Express (fast food Japanese place by our house that I LOVE).
Symptoms: Same ol’ same ol’. Nausea. Sleepiness. Except my newest one is crazy painful leg cramps at night
Doctor’s appointment: Next week!
Movement: YES! I totally felt the baby move for the first time yesterday (Thursday)! I was sitting at work at my desk and I was kind of leaning forward and I thought I could feel my heart beating in my stomach, but then I realized it wasn’t rhythmic enough… it felt like a little froggy hopping around in my belly. It kept doing it sporadically throughout the day. I LOVED it! It’s still faint, but I can’t wait till those little movements get stronger.
Best moment of the week: Feeling the baby move, definitely!
What I’m looking forward to: My doctor’s appointment next week. 🙂
What I did / Got for baby: Nothing really this week…
What I learned this week: The leg cramps are, in fact, a symptom. And they are not fun.
Prayer requests: That this baby just continues to keep growing strong and healthy. 🙂

Happy Friday!