Meet Angela

March 2, 2013

Happy Saturday!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled, uh… weekend? to introduce you to my sweet friend Angela!


Angela blogs over at Habit-Forming Success. Her blog is a little bit of life-coaching, fitness tips, recipes, and just general “wellness“-type stuff, but I always feel like I learn something!


Angela and I actually met through mutual church friends almost TWO years ago (which is crazy for me to think that it’s been that long). A bunch of us girls got together and went out to dinner for a girl’s night and we sat across from each other and I LOVED getting to know her. She is SO smart, so sweet, and has such a huge heart for serving and loving on people.

She is a life-coach after all. 馃檪

I wanted y’all to get to know her a little so I asked her a couple questions:

What is your favorite song right now?Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley is my all time favorite and has been for years! It brings back treasured memories. [EDITORS NOTE: I. Love. That. Song.]

When are you happiest? I’m hanging out with my hubby. He cracks me up and I am my most authentic self when I am with him. I am also happiest when I am being purposeful with how I spend my time and am devoting myself to the people and “causes” that matter most. More often than not, this happens when I can get out of my own way and pursue greater things than my, typically silly, worries and concerns. 馃檪

You have such an inspiring blog! What do YOU hope people get out of your blog? I hope that people find my blog both simple and insightful. Ultimately, I hope my readers experience “ah-ha” moments that lead to powerful changes and new perspectives about life. And maybe that they avoid some of my mistakes and mishaps along the way too!

So yeah, I LOVE her. Definitely go check out her blog and read some of her old posts. She is awesome and so inspiring!

Thanks for letting me feature you, Angela! <3