1. First of all, you look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit! What a beautiful dress! I love your belt, too. It adds some spunk to the more serious lace dress. I truly love most everything you wear – I wish I had your closet!

    I’m absolutely with you on the whole trends thing. Sometimes when I hear something is a new trend, I get all confused. Like with the bootcut jeans thing, I feel like a loser because I’ve been wearing them this whole time! And black and white? I don’t get that. How can a neutral color be “trendy?!”


  2. You look adorable – I love the lace dress! I know what you mean about certain “trends” – I too was surprised about black and white being labeled as “trendy”. I always considered it a classic combination!

  3. I totally agree with you!! I think I posted something a little while back about how I heard arm parties were on their way “out” and was sad about it, haha. I too believe a good bootcut will NEVER go out of style and it’s all a ploy to make you buy more!!!

  4. hi Molly! I have to apologize for not noticing you sooner. You were so nice to come and follow me months ago and then around Christmas I found you and you didn’t follow me. I was miffed. Then about 2 weeks ago I was over at What 2 Wear and realized you were the one that followed me already initially months ago. I am the dork or a fork. Gosh, forgive? You look so cute at 20 weeks! Congratulations and all!!!!

  5. Ugh I totally feel you on the whole trends thing! I am always missing the memo when it comes to what’s in and what’s out. And I read fashion blogs daily! There’s just too much information out there. It’s best to just stick with what you love and wear what makes you feel good!

    Also, I absolutely love the lace dress you are wearing! It’s so pretty and looks fabulous on you.

  6. Hi Molly! I found your blog through the pregnancy link-up and thought I would say hi. This post made me realize that I have an old vera bradley belt I had forgotten about that will be the perfect pregnancy belt and its very springy and bright too! Congratulations!

    Shannon [ lifeofpoole.blogspot.com ]

  7. Some things are timeless like lace and b/w. Love your dress (and the very awesome individual looking belt). I do follow what’s ‘on trend’ but I think it’s critical to make these things your own with personal touches. Thanks for sharing with WW!

  8. Haha. I was just talking about how I have always worn lace. I didn’t care if it was trendy or not. I like my lace outfits so I keep wearing them.

  9. You look great. I love this lace dress. I’m pretty meh on trends. I try to stick to ‘staples’. By the time I save up to purchase something trendy, it’s usually no longer trendy.

  10. Whaaaaaa? Arm parties aren’t cool anymore? GASP!!!! I hear ya….it’s all a marketing ploy. And that cute lace dress will be waiting for you to wear again soon!!! You are one stylish little momma!!

  11. Love your dress and the necklace is fabulous. I agree with you. Things that are decided that they are now trendy, who decided that?!!! I still like a good arm party and I think so do many people. I like to stay classic and infused a few trendy pieces into my wardrobe.



  12. I’m with you. Bah Humbug on so called “trends” – I wore studs and spikes before they were “in” and will not be abandoning them, or arm parties, or my beloved emerald and cobalt or my bootcut jeans. I understand the mentality of changing things up but you’ve gotta wear what makes you look and feel good, right?

  13. You look so gorgeous in this white lace dress! And I agree, some “trends” never left, so I’m not sure why they are still considered trends, but I do agree that it’s all probably a marketing ploy. Those darn advertisers!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. I agree about the trends! So crazy!! You look great in this dress by the way. And you will look great in it after baby too 🙂

    Oh, and I can’t believe arm parties are over. I just started participating in December – haha!!!!

    Visiting from Marionberry Style…

  15. I have a love/hate relationship with trends too… I mean I never want to be the mom with the mom jeans and the 80’s hair ( or the equivalent of that for our children’s generation), I always want to look current.
    But I hate to put away a perfectly good denim jacket only for it come back “in trend” a couple of years later…

    I think you do a great job with looking trendy yet still looking like yourself and not like everybody else! (i.e.: blogger bun, bubble necklace, polka dots, etc!)


  16. Oh my gosh, can I just say that you are ADORABLE with your little belly? Man, you are so pretty preggers! (And so stylish still, I think I just wore those stretchy skirts from old navy for five month straight when I was pregnant.) This is just such a pretty outfit, I love the lace dress with the navy cardigan and the bold printed belt.
    It sort of surprises me that lace is a trend and sort of not. Florals are what come out every year during spring and yet it’s always “FLORALS ARE THE NEW TREND!” when the spring-time fashion magazine come out. Lace is such a classic and it’s been so popular for the past three years, I’m not sure I could get on board with it being called a trend. (Didn’t know bootcuts were coming back though! Hah, I think 99% of the population wears them all of the time.)

  17. Uhhh, I’m told all the time I wear RANDOM things and somehow make it work. I don’t have a “style” I go chic to hippy to girl next door, maybe even a little preppy and leather…. trends are for the birds and people who have retard amounts of money to spend on clothes because trends change like every two weeks it seems like. On that note I went shopping for Jewlery in three different stores, they all only have coral/super pale pink, pale teal and white Jewlery guess that’s trending…. I was not impressed I like to have more than 3 colors in accessories I mean if I wore that everyday, hello repetitive!

  18. trends schmends. i just wear what feels good…if only yoga pants and sweatshirts were uber trendy right now….lol. BTW…20 weeks?!?! you’re halfway there! how did that happen so fast?

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