1. This recipe has been on my pinterest board for…who knows how long… I finally made it last night, and WOW. This was amazing, and I would absolutely make it again and again! Now, I admit, I don’t follow a recipe very well, and my grocery store doesn’t carry the Philly cooking cremes (what???) (That was annoying.) So, what I did was, I sautéed the chicken in a combo of butter and evoo. I ALWAYS use a meat thermometer whenever I cook meat, poultry or seafood. So, I set the alarm to go off at 165. When the chicken was browned nicely, I stuck it in the oven, where I had a bag of fresh broccoli cooking for about 15 minutes at 400. (The broccoli was tossed in a generous amount of evoo and about 6 cloves (all I had) of sliced garlic. Lots of salt and pepper.) (I also salt and pepper my chicken.) Meanwhile, I cooked the orzo. I also had the garlic bread ready to pop in. Once it was time to mix it all together, since I didn’t have the cooking cream, I just dumped the tomatoes and an 8 oz pkg of regular cream cheese and mixed until the cream cheese melted into the tomatoes. Then added the chopped chicken, orzo and broccoli and a generous dose of italian seasoning blend. The result was awesome!!!! I will continue to look for the Philly cooking creme, but honestly, you don’t even need it! This recipe is a keeper! Thank you!

  2. Looks great! Here is a quick tip for you…if you cube your chicken before you cook it it will cook up much more quickly. Thanks for what looks like a delicious and easy meal!!

  3. Yes, I was just telling my husband last week how the Philly cooking cremes make cooking so much easier! Especially for my spinach madeline side dish that I could never get a consistent result of seasoning and creaminess. I use the Italian cooking creme now, and I get a yummy result every time!

  4. I love the Philadelphia cooking creams! When I was couponing a lot a couple of years ago I found coupons for it all the time, and we stocked up on it. It does make really easy meals!

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