1. Your doggies are soooo cute!

    It’s amazing that your little one was smiling in your belly, and at only 20 weeks too. I have never seen anything like that!

  2. LOVE this. So much.
    You look gorgeous, and as cute as those dogs are? Your babe will be cuter. NO DOUBT! 😉
    BTW: What belt are you wearing with your lace-y belly pic? It looks like a Vera Bradley bag I have!
    (Finally switched my blog to wordpress – that’s why I’ve been MIA!)

  3. Celebrating that it’s the weekend! All those ultrasound pics are so exciting, I can only imagine how much joy you have in your heart!!

  4. Love it Molly. I only had 1 ultrasound and it was priceless. I still can’t believe that he grew inside of me. It really is amazing and a miracle. I’m hosting another link up next Thursday March 28. Hope you can join me.



  5. Sending prayers for a healthy baby your way! I am 13 weeks pregnant myself and really looking forward to the anatomy scan!! Glad you enjoyed it as much as I am anticipating I will. 😉 And seeing a smile and a yawn is too cute.

  6. I love your dogs! I die of cuteness every time you post photos of them! And the baby! It must be so cool to see him/her!!! That’s so awesome!

  7. How sweet that your baby was smiling!! I bet they’ll be a smiler all the way through childhood. What a blessing. And frozen thin mints–yum!

  8. I am torn about the 3D ultrasound…part of me wants to get one and part of me loves the idea of seeing the babe face to face for the first time in a few months.
    I totally forgot to fill out a bracket this year…oops! Happy Friday!

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