1. I LOVE both of your jean jackets! Inspired me to get mine ready for when it gets a bit warmer here….mine has fraying all over the edges…and studs all over it of course! I also have a jean vest with fur on it which I inevitably dropped color on at work…I just went with it & threw color all over it! I live in those two pieces…but may need to add a white jean jacket into the mix… I can’t get over how awesome it is! 🙂

  2. I agree – my jean jacket gets a good bit of use, too! Not quite as much as I’d like, mostly due to the fact I wear a lot of jeans and don’t want to wear a full “Canadian Tuxedo” if you will – but I bought it in college and have been wearing it ever since!!

  3. I love the jean jacket, but haven’t been wearing it for about a year. My VP commented about how casual it looked a few years ago and I’ve second guessed it every time I put it on since then. I need to get over it and just wear it. Hopefully as it warms up, I will wear it again!

  4. I LOVE the snap of you in your wedding dress & jean jacket! Such a classic 🙂 I think my closet staples (2 in particular), skinnies & a tunic, any and all!

    xo Lulu

  5. I’ve had my jean jacket for nine years too! How weird! I loved it, then stopped wearing it for a few years, and then recently started wearing it all the time again! I agree that it’s definitely a closet staple that goes with pretty much anything!

  6. The jean jacket is an excellent staple & now I’m wondering what mine is!!! Probably on of my cardigans that I pair over everything or even a certain pair of cowboy boots…. hmmmmm

  7. Great post. I bought a jean jacket from Gap years ago and it sat in my closet for the longest time. Now I wear it all the time and i love it. It’s definitely a must have in your closet. Don’t forget my link up this thursday March 28.



  8. I’ve been wanting to pick up a new jean jacket for a while. I think the one I have is even older than yours! (As in I’ve had it since high school…) I never wear it because it’s quite boxy. It’s time for a more modern version!

  9. hahahahahaha OMG – I love you!!! that is my go to piece!! i love jean jackets, but Im afraid people will start calling me the JJ not for my nick name, but for Jean Jacket…hahahahahaha and can I say i LOOOOOOVE that you put it in your wedding – thta is so freaking unique – I love it love it love it!! makes me wanna have a wedding…hahahaha NOT!! but for real – this is a great post! love it!! you give me great ideas Ms. Molly 🙂

  10. You know what’s funny? I just spent $120.00 on 2 pair of yoga pants, but I’m too stingy to buy real clothes. Ugh! The suburban mom outfit! I gotta get serious about how I look….

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