[CLOSET STAPLES] The Jean Jacket

March 26, 2013·

One of the questions I get asked ALL the time by readers, friends, and heck even some of my family, is: “What are some of your closet staples?

And honestly, it wasn’t something that I’d thought all that consciously about. I had to first figure out what, to me, determines a “closet staple.” Because that may be different for different people.

BUT, I came up with a definition, at least for me.

CLOSET STAPLE (Noun): Any item or items in your wardrobe that can be worn MULTIPLE ways, that, when in doubt, you always reach for when you need that “trusty piece” to complete your look, and/or if you have owned the piece for many, many years and you continue to wear it year after year.

Okay, I know that definition isn’t going to be put in Webster’s dictionary anytime soon, but it works for now.

So, with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to put aside trends for a little bit and talk about closet staples! Because, why not? Err’body loves a good closet staple.

First up? The JEAN JACKET.
still being molly - closet staples: the jean jacket

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know I love my jean jacket. I wear it ALL THE TIME.

I have had this particular jean jacket from the LOFT since my sophomore year of college. I’ve been wearing this thing for NINE years. And I still love it.

still being molly - closet staples: the jean jacket

These are just SOME of the ways I’ve worn this jacket. You can view all these looks on my outfits page.still being molly - closet staples: the jean jacket

I even wore this jacket for some of the portraits (and to enter the reception) on my WEDDING day!
still being molly - wedding

And, of course, I love jean jackets so much, I made my bridesmaids wear them, too!

And then, just because I can’t leave it out, I also LOVE my white jean jacket. Such a great alternative when the blue jean jacket just won’t cut it (which is rare :)).

still being molly - closet staples: the white jean jacket still being molly - closet staples: the white jean jacket

White Denim Jacket: Old Navy
Blue Denim Jacket: Old Navy option

So, do you LOVE a good jean jacket? What are some of YOUR closet staples?