1. I’m really enjoying your updates. It’s bringing back many fond memories of a few months ago when my pregnancy started. I am now due any day now according to my doctor. According to the baby..not so much, lol. Mommy keeps trying to encourage him though. 🙂

    Awhile back you asked for my guess on what you might be having and I don’t think I ever answered you. Anyway, my guess is a boy…I say that because your cravings and development have been almost identical to mine and that is what I am having. However, I wasn’t only nauseous in the beginning, I was downright sick. So, it will be exciting to see what God has chosen to put into your little pocket.

    Oh, and sleep? I have yet to make it through the night. Naps and I have become close personal friends..haha. I did, however, learn that it is good to get up several times during the night because that means the little one is okay. I will be praying, though, that you get the adequate rest you need.

    Take care and guess what? You’re over halfway there! Yay!!

  2. you are so adorable!! I;m not painting anything, but part of me wants to go to home depot and snag paint chips for craft projects like diy banners lol. and that yellow planter with the flowers your hubby planted is so cheery! Ok and I am not even pregnant but i love french fries all the time!! hahaha. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Huh, that’s an interesting factoid. When I was screening the babies’ hearing in the hospital, there were a few really hairy babies (think Chewbacca for some of them, lol) and I always wondered why that was. Now I know!

  4. I love it. You know what I learned the other day… our babies are peeing in us! How weird is that?! Mine just started this week and yours has been doing it for like 8 weeks! LOL! 🙂

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