Friday Fives + 22 Weeks!

April 5, 2013·

high-five-for-friday-4-5_05351. I had SO much fun picking out paint chips and floor samples at Home Depot last weekend. It’s making this whole nursery planning thing a little more real!
2. The Easter Bunny came to the Stillman Household! I got Sour Patch Kids in my Easter basket. <3
3. My sweet nephew came to hang out and we went to an Easter egg hunt… but the highlight of the day for him was the big firetruck that he got to climb all over. I love that little boo.
4. Snuggly puppies make everything better.
5. My sweet husband planted daisies for me in our flower planter. Aren’t they pretty?

What about you? What were some of your moments of the week this week?

And now for my 22 week pregnancy update!
maternity style
How far along: 22 weeks
How big is baby: 11 inches and about a pound!
Weight gain: I honestly haven’t checked this week. Whoops.
Sleeping: Getting a little better!
Food cravings: Cereal, french fries, strawberry ice cream all day err’day.
Food aversions: Nothing really this week. Thankfully!
Symptoms: Still just very tired all the time. I haven’t gotten that “energy” boost I’ve been waiting for, but I’m finally not nauseous ALL the time… I’m only nauseous SOME of the time. 🙂
Miss Anything?: Sleeping on my stomach. Sleeping on my back. Sleeping in general. I also REALLY miss Diet Coke… like real, fountain Diet Coke. Caffeine Free DC only gets me so far.
Doctor’s appointment: My 22 week checkup is today (Friday)!
Wedding Rings: Still on!
Movement: Lots of flutters, no big kicks yet. Baby moves A LOT after I eat.
Best moment of the week: Spending time with family for Easter!
What I’m looking forward to: Kicks. Real baby kicks!
What I did / Got for baby: We started working on the nursery plans some more. We still haven’t actually “done” anything, but we are at least at the point where we are seriously planning!
What I learned this week: To keep from turning to a little prune in the womb, the baby develops and grows this thin layer of hair and like a white paste or something all over their skin. Isn’t that crazy?
Prayer requests: For the continued health and growth of the baby! I want this baby to be strong and healthy when he / she is born. I mean, what mother wouldn’t? 🙂

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