High Five for Friday + 23 Weeks!

April 12, 2013·

Friday High Fives

  1. My husband put up a little area in our backyard and a hammock for me! I’ve always wanted a hammock! Ohhhh the relaxing I’ll be doing this summer in this here hammock.
  2. My sweet friend Dani and I at her shower. I’m so blessed that God placed her in my life and I feel even MORE blessed that we’re going through our pregnancies together.
  3. I took some group portraits for the seniors of the Phi Mu chapter at UNC. I had so much fun spending time with them – made me miss my college years.
  4. Not exactly a highlight, but I went to the orthopedist this week because my right hand has been hurting really badly – and well, it turns out I have tendinitis. Yeah, no fun. So I gotta wear this brace for a few weeks. Lame.
  5. An evening on the new hammock with a vanilla, cookie dough, and Reese’s cup Twister from Andy’s… my kind of warm Spring evening.

What are YOUR highlights of the week?
second trimester maternity style - cobalt and white striped Old Navy jersey dress, yellow belt, cobalt Converse Chuck Taylor's - North Carolina Fashion BloggerHow far along: 23 weeks
How big is baby: 11 inches and about a pound and a half!
Weight gain: About 20 pounds. I was worried this was too much, but it appears I’m doing okay. My doctor doesn’t seem to be concerned which is good.
Sleeping: Spotty at best.
Food cravings: Cereal. Milk. Mandarin oranges.
Food aversions: Nada!
Symptoms: Tired, always. The newest symptom is dizziness. Like, REALLY dizzy. Sometimes I’m so dizzy I have to just lay down.
Miss Anything?: Sleeping on my stomach. Sleeping on my back. Sleeping well at all.
Doctor’s appointment: I had a doctor’s appointment last week and everything looks great! I’m measuring about a week ahead of schedule (which is okay), but baby is healthy and has a heartbeat of 140bpm!
Wedding Rings: Still on! BUT, on our walk last night, my right hand started to swell a lot – I don’t know if it’s because of my recent tendinitis diagnosis or what, but yeah.
Movement: YES! Baby is finally KICKING. It’s still pretty soft, but they’re definitely kicks. It’s such a sweet feeling. As creepy as this is, when baby starts moving, I find myself talking to the baby… asking how it’s day is going, etc… Is that weird?
Best moment of the week: Baby finally kicking!
What I’m looking forward to: Husband and I are going to start registering this week… or at least that’s the plan.
What I did / Got for baby: Nothing this week.
What I learned this week: Baby’s eyes are now sensitive to LIGHT and sound. I thought that was kind of cool.
Prayer requests: John and I are spending a lot of time in prayer just asking for God’s wisdom and grace as we prepare to become parents. I’m definitely feeling anxious about a few things and we’re just trusting God in everything – but the more prayers for this, the better! 🙂 AND, of course, for the continued health and growth of the baby.

Happy Friday!

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