1. I love the senior portrait! I’m so sorry to hear you have tendinitis – it must be painful!!! I don’t know much about it but I hope you heal quickly!!

  2. Glad I found you blog… so cute! And I have to say, you look so cute pregnant; it suits you!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

  3. I love you – you are so beautiful and this blog is a great way to document your pregnancy journey! Enjoy those sweet baby kicks!! You will actually miss them!!

  4. You are the cutest preggo girl! When I was preggo I had the dizziness and it was due to my blood pressure being too low. Make sure you take it standing up and sitting down, mine would drop when I stood. Just something to think about! You are going to be a great mom!!

  5. LOve your dress. Gorgeous. You evening in the hammock with desserts sounds like heaven!!! Don’t forget to link up to my show me your favorite spring trend.



  6. Molly yay! You are doing so great!! And looking so so cute!! I’m so glad things are going well with that sweet bundle. I can’t believe you are already 23 weeks… ah!!

  7. how cute are you in the hammock!! You have such a great husband! All these green pictures make me wanna move back to North Carolina, freash air and nature! Happy Friday, hope you have a fabulous weekend :o)

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