1. I was traveling all last week and was psyched I missed the pollen blast! Though my poor car didn’t even being in covered parking at the airport.

    And that dress is cute. Wear it as much as you like. 🙂

  2. I love this scarf, I’m learning that I really like ikat anything. Also, I guess all these smokestacks look the same, because for a minute there I thought you were near my neck of the woods and it was the “Hershey’s” stack!

  3. Oh thank GOD, I thought I’d never find another blogger who loves Rainbows like I do!!!! Everyone wears all these cute flats and boots and all I REALLY wear are my rainbows. So in love. You are the best Molly.

  4. You always look too cute! Those bright colors look great on you and I LOVE that scarf!! I just got my jean jacket and I’m hoping for the weather to warm up so I can pair it with a dress too! Thanks, once again, for hosting the linkup. I’m happy to be back for another week! 🙂

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  5. Oh my gosh, thanks SO much for featuring my look from last week! Your scarf is incredibly gorgeous. And I couldn’t agree more on the broken in flip flops. I have a few pairs of those and they are the best! Especially while pregnant.

  6. love your dress! it’s so cute and i’m also loving jean jackets. that’s so funny about your wrist brace 🙂 my mom and i have started checking our pics when we take them to see what we don’t see through the lens – you just never know! we had bunches of bikers in our pictures haha!!!!
    thanks for the linkup!!!
    xox ~chloe @ popcosmo.com

  7. I love all the color in the outfit!!! So pretty! And every time I have to start a shoot over I end up looking annoyed or weird in every pic! Yours came out beautiful!

  8. so it turns out rainbow will fix your flip flops for free for the life of the shoe! and life being the bottom sole has to be completely intact. so of course, mine crack in the footbed and i go to send them off…and see the soles are worn off around the heel. oh well. i guess this means shoe shopping! and you look so cute!!

  9. You’re adorable, Molly! And I’m loving the bright colors in this look! And just tomake you feel better, I’m wearing the exact same shirt in my current post as in the one right before it. Yep, I did that just for you. =)

  10. I love your scarf! Ikat is one of my Favorite prints! Thank you so much for featuring me in this weeks #yolo, that means SOOOO much to me!!

    xoxo tori

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