Friday Fives and 24 Weeks!

April 19, 2013·

Soooo, as I am writing this, I’m stuck in the Orlando airport. My flight is delayed a bajillion hours (two, actually… well, as of now, it could be longer). I’m sleepy. I want to take a shower. And I would like ice cream. Sadly, I am unable to find a place that has a place to sleep, let me take a shower, or provide me with ice cream.

Oh well. This too shall pass. Let’s talk about the GOOD things that happened this week, shall we?


  1. My sweet friend Diana hosted a “Fair Trade Fashion” party and I was SO PUMPED because I finally got to meet Erin from The Mighty River Project IN PERSON! YAY! She is as amazing as I thought she would be.
  2. I have been in Florida on business this week and this is what I wore for meetings on Wednesday. It kinda makes me giggle that you can barely see my skirt or my shoes.
  3. I got a wedding save the date and a college graduation announcement from two former students in the mail this week. It makes my heart sing that students I once had the pleasure of teaching still want to keep in touch with me! I am so proud of the women they have become.
  4. Since I was in Florida for business, I got to sneak in a quick visit with my daddy! I only get to see him a few times a year so it was a much needed trip.
  5. I love palm trees. Plain and simple.

maternity travel style: red striped tee, jeans, red toms, longchamp bagHow far along: 24 weeks
How big is baby: An ear of corn!
Weight gain: About 20 pounds. I gained a little too much weight too quickly there, but I leveled off the last two weeks and I’m really happy about that.
Sleeping: Meh.
Food cravings: Cereal (Special K Fruit & Yogurt, to be specific)
Food aversions: Japanese Food
Symptoms: Dizziness
Miss Anything?: My regular Diet Cokes 🙂
Doctor’s appointment: Got one in about two weeks.
Wedding Rings: Still on! But, I have a feeling they may not last much longer the hotter it gets.
Movement: So much movement. Baby LOVES to move after I eat and right early in the morning. I like to picture baby having like a dance party in my tummy.
Best moment of the week: Spending time with my daddy. 🙂
What I’m looking forward to: Doing some more registry stuff this weekend.
What I did / Got for baby: Spent time with my daddy – hey, it was for me and so it was also for baby.
What I learned this week: Baby’s skin is beginning to put on fat
Prayer requests: The usual – John and I are spending a lot of time in prayer just asking for God’s wisdom and grace as we prepare to become parents. I’m definitely feeling anxious about a few things and we’re just trusting God in everything – but the more prayers for this, the better! :) AND, of course, for the continued health and growth of the baby.

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