1. So good! Firmly agree in all this ! Now I have a random what’s your thought on question:
    So I’m single and so ready to mingle 😉 what’s your thoughts on saving I.e. do you think your best to save for a new car rather than a house? Do youtnink it would be wiser to purchase a smaller house/unit while I’m single or to wait it out,keep saving and keep paying rent so money I’ve saved can just be there for the day future husband and I decide to go house hunting?
    I’ve managed to get my expenses down pretty major this year, which has been awesome living pretty much debt free and finally having the ability to save! The best advice I’d received is to MAKE yourself find a way to save half your income. So humbling but so worth it. After all it’s not how much money you earn, it’s how many bills thou pay.

    1. absolutely, emily!!! and GREAT question! do you mind if i actually answer this one in a blog post?? i think there are a TON of single gals out there like yourself looking for the answer to that very question!!

  2. I 100% agree with you. When my Honey & I got to seriously talking about marriage, we started with the debt talk. I was coming in to the marriage with zero debt & he had about the same as M in his grad school debt. But in talking about it, we could set a game plan that worked best, & we worked that plan as a team! You can knock out that debt in no time when you have more hands picking away at it! And stay strong, because I can honestly say that we are not debt free (sans the casa) in only 3 1/2 years of marriage — and we even added in a dumb car loan! It can be done – and it’s so much sweeter to celebrate when you work at it together!

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