1. Bahahahahahaha we have had several conversations about this very subject!!! Just keep doing Molly, that’s what makes you great! PS EVERY experience is different and you are doing so great!!!!
    Brooke @ what2wear

  2. I bet you are so gracious with your responses, though. I think I could handle it all except for the weight comment. That’s just rude.

  3. Lovin the chevron skirt! This rustic old fire truck is amazing!! These pictures make me miss the woods and exploring, so many cool things left or forgot that are so much fun to look at. Arizona does not have a lot of those things. It’s flat and brown and boring 🙁 I am sorry everyone keeps giving you advice! haha makes me laugh a little though, sorry. I have had no babies so I have no unsolicited advice, well I kind of did, but I think it was pretty open and not very pushy (at least I hope it was!). I would however totally like to ask you…what gender do YOU think your little one will be? I’ve heard that women can tell kind of? Might be fun to take a guess, either way you’re going to be surprised :o) Happy middle of the week, hope Friday comes sooner than later! :o)

  4. I don’t mind people sharing positive tidbits or stories… but I hate the negativity. People telling me to sleep now (like you can bank sleep!), to just wait and see how it really is, gain this much or this little, etc. There just seems to be more of the negative too, than the positive. Being pregnant is a great time and it really is a blessing… I just wish others bestowed more happy thoughts.

  5. Loving your outfit today Molly. I totally know how you feel. Everyone is like wait until you have your second one!!! If i hear that one more time… This is the advice i gave someone who is a new mom. I told her to try what she thinks is best for her baby. What works for one person may not for another and babies are trial and error. Just do your best and enjoy being pregnant!!! 🙂

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  6. I’ve already have a few unsolicated pieces of advice, I can only imagine how much more I will hear as I start showing more. Stay strong momma, only you & your hubby knows whats best for your baby and family.


  7. that skirt is so cute!!! and people do say some weird things! I think “you look pregnant!” is an odd thing, but it’s not really a compliment so I don’t feel like I should say thank you, so I just awkwardly say “I am” 🙂 A handful of people said that once I really started showing. I think they mean it as a compliment but I feel weird saying thank you.

  8. You look adorable in that skirt! And I can totally imagine how those questions being asked constantly would be totally annoying. I think some people just have no idea what to say to someone’s who is pregnant so they just ask the obvious, like… have you finished your nursery. Haha. And I never quite understood who thought it was a good idea to tell labor horror stories to a pregnant woman. Seriously!?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. I love this outfit sooo much!!! And I can only imagine the stories people find it necessary to tell you! And all the advice… It must get a little overwhelming sometimes!

  10. Hahah…”oh you just wait” But seriously…Just wait 🙂 For the labor! haha..that was mean (but so is labor!) But the great thing is, you forget all about it when that sweet little baby is out and gives you your first little cuddle!

  11. This post is bringing back so many memories of my own pregnancy and you are so right. The neatest experience is to have your little baby moving and kicking (even if it is your ribs at 2 am and you can’t sleep). I agree with the comments and unfortunately it doesn’t get better! Now I have people asking every other day when we are going to have number 2. I just laugh and tell them that we have decided to have “one at a time.”

    PS- It really does just keep getting better (wink)

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