5 Awesome Money Saving (and making!) Tips!


  1. I called my insurance company as soon as I read that section. I switched my renters policy and saved $5 a month and by adding the renters to my already existing auto policy I was able to save another $32! Awesome! I’ll continue to stay on them for the best deal!!! Thank you!

  2. I called my insurance company not so long ago as well. I wasn’t eligible for any discounts other then what I was getting, but I did raise my deductable from $500 to $1000 on my home insurance as well as put my second car on the “reduced use” plan. Saved me about $30 a month in total.

  3. What great tips! I know that I sometimes feel like we’re saving everywhere we can – these ideas are new, and something I haven’t considered! Thanks!

  4. So cool! I had NO idea that I could sell coupons or gift cards! I have three gift cards sitting in my bag right now that I am never going to use!

  5. I love Save1 and I always use them for online shopping! It is so great that they are doing something for a great cause 🙂 🙂 🙂 Also, great tips! I am all about saving money right now!

  6. I always try and sell my clothes, but I get frustrated when I get very little for brand new items I’ve never worn! These are great tips though, definitely keeping them in mind!

  7. I made a little extra dough by selling some old gold/silver earrings that I couldn’t find the match for or a broken necklace. It’s just collecting dust anyway, right?

    Edward McKay also buys books, DVDs, and video games. It’s also a great place to buy used books/DVDs if you want to save money. ^__^

    Oh, and I saved $50 per month dollars on my cable/internet bill by just calling and asking for a discount. I didn’t have to change my plan. I did have to do a little negotiating w/the customer retention dept. It only lasts for a year, but that’s $600 I’m saving this year. Woot!

    Sorry if I repeated some of your previous tips!

  8. Awesome! I always sell my old clothes to a consignment store. Although I only make about $3 per item (even if it cost me $40), it’s better than nothing!

  9. Great tips Molly! I love the idea of selling DVDs – I have a bunch that I never watch that are just collecting dust. I’d much rather have the money in my pocket!

  10. These are all great tips! You just reminded me to check with my insurance company! And that’s crazy that people will buy your coupons!

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