Four + 25 Weeks!

April 26, 2013·


1. Yes! My Kate Spade diaper bag came in! This was the ONE THING that I wanted to save and splurge on. So, I’ve been saving my pennies, and when the KS Friends & Family sale hit the web two weeks ago, I knew I had to pounce. This bag was originally $418 and I got it for $130 WITH SHIPPING! Oh man, I am one happy mama-to-be. It’s beautiful. And huge. And amazing. And I just want to use it now!

2. I got this customized laptop case / sleeve from Teke Co. last month and I’ve been using it every day since I got it and I REALLY love it. It’s durable, but not super bulky (it’s made of a thick wool) and I really feel like my laptop is well protected from scratches and other things hitting it when it’s in my bag. Now sure, if I dropped it, that might not be good, but for just daily carrying / throwing in a bag / storage, etc., this is the PERFECT (and super adorable) laptop case. I also lurve that their products are 100% made in America! Check them out.

3. I took some more senior photos for some UNC girls over the weekend. I LOVE them! I can’t wait to share some on the blog.

4. Going to Furniture Market this past weekend was awesome. You can see my recap on the blog here.

What are YOU celebrating this week?

And now for my 25 Week Bumpdate!

25 Week bumpdate

How far along: 25 weeks
How big is baby: An eggplant! (about 1.75-2lbs and about 13in. long)
Weight gain: Still holding at about 20 pounds, which I’m glad.
Sleeping: A little better this week – only waking up two or three times a night versus five or six.
Food cravings: French fries. Pasta. Carbs. Reese’s PB Cups! Seriously, it’s bad. And my sweet tooth seems to have returned! BUT, I’ve been doing good at trying to not give in all the time. I have an orange when I want something sweet.
Food aversions: Not really any aversions, per se, it’s just more there are things I just don’t want to eat. Like, Japanese food doesn’t make me sick, but I have no desire to eat it. Same with rice. Doesn’t make me sick, but I don’t want it.
Symptoms: Still getting dizzy in the mornings. Also, my back hurts – a lot. So much.
Miss Anything?: Good sleep and fountain Diet Cokes – although I have the best places to get caffeine free DC down to a science now!
Doctor’s appointment: Got one next week – this is the appointment where I will have my glucose screening. I’m nervous!
Wedding Rings: Still on! My hands haven’t swollen that much this week.
Clothes: On bottom I can’t wear anything BUT maternity clothes. I am still squeezing in to some of my non-maternity tops, but my body in general has changed so much already, getting dressed is a huge challenge.
Movement: This kid has parties in my stomach. It’s hilarious!
Best moment of the week: On Monday, the baby was moving my stomach for almost 12 hours with like MAYBE 5 minute breaks. It was just so awesome so witness and see and feel.
What I’m looking forward to: Heading to a wedding this weekend with my husband and getting to see some friends in the process!
What I did / Got for baby: We decided that we are DEFINITELY cloth diapering – and, even though they are little more on the expensive side up front, I definitely want to use diapers from this company: The Little Bee. They are like the TOMS of diapers – for every diaper purchased, they donate one to a child in need! AWESOME!
What I learned this week: A learned some things about post-partum that I will never be able to unlearn. Well, I guess I had to learn them at some point.
Prayer requests: I’ve been feeling anxious about a few things lately – I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I just asked for prayers (personally) for me to feel confident in the decisions John and I make for us, for our family, and for our baby – and that God would lead us in the right direction in everything. We can only trust in Him. 🙂

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