1. How did you tie that scarf? I got it yesterday and was going to wear it today with my yellow shirt and it didn’t look anywhere nearly as good as yours did in your photos. Help please! 🙂

    1. Hey Kalynda!! Hold the scarf out by both ends so it is hanging straight down horizontally. With your left hand grab the top left corner, then with your right hand grab the BOTTOM right corner. Then, take each corner, lift the scarf up to your neck (in front), wrap each side / corner around the back of your neck and bring it down to the front. Then just pull! Then fluff the middle as much as you like.

      The key is really grabbing OPPOSITE corners on top and bottom… not opposite corners on the same side of the scarf. I hope that helps!!!

  2. Well aren’t you just the cutest lady I ever did see?? I love this scarf, and it plays so well off the yellow! I really enjoy seeing you work your remix magic – I would definitely agree you’re an expert. 🙂

    The Blue Hour

  3. Love this outfit! The yellow is so bright and cheery, and your scarf is so pretty! I need to be a bit better about remixing my wardrobe. It seems like I’m pretty decent at using some pieces but others are neglected!

  4. I didn’t even notice this was a remix outfit. I was going to tell you how much I love that scarf, but now that you mention it, I think I already told you that the last time you wore it. I thought it was brand new! You are becoming an expert 😉

  5. Yellow is my favorite color! I love this! I have been finding myself remixing pieces in my wardrobe a lot lately – more to make casual pieces work appropriate (even though sometimes I’m admittedly borderline) 🙂 Definitely not anywhere near your expertise though!

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