1. Hi! I’m not sure why I didn’t see this earlier, but I’m so glad I got to read it now. Thank you for sharing your story and living for the Lord. He is good indeed! Much love to you Molly. You’re going to make a wonderful mother! Happy Mother’s Day!!

    xo Lulu

  2. Molly, I Love this post!! I loved reading your honesty story about your faith journey. it’s so amazing what Christ can do! My own story is long, but there were times like you, that I felt lost…I have been feeling the need to re-start my spiritual life! I miss going to church…(long story as to why i dont go every sunday)..but i love church & being with others who are imperfect like me, worshiping God together and learning together. Thank you for writing this! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your life and story with us on your blog. I read every post and you are an inspiration!

  4. Molly, this post is incredible. You blow me away with your ability to put your thoughts to paper [blog, ha] so perfectly. I am so proud of you! This is reason #530356740 why you are one of my bestests.

    I love you man!


  5. This gave me the chills, in the best way possible! I was raised methodist and have never really found a church in my area that I throughly enjoyed going to. New Hope seens like they use the bible and connects it to the real world, which I think is what I’ve been missing in the past. If you know anyone or anything in my area (chandler,az) I would love to check it out! One side of my family is extremely religious and has used it against other parts of my family, as a “one up” if you will. Which I think is part of the reason I have never really been interested in partaking. Recently I’ve become more interested again. I need the help, emotionally taking on a lot. Thank you for the inspiration!

      1. Seriously, just got the chills. After I read your post (last week) I did some research as well and listened to a couple sermons from One and totally, fell in love. And proceeded to completely forget about it. I think this is a sign! I am planning on going on Sunday and see how it goes! Thank you!!!!

  6. I often wish I felt as surely as you do when it comes to spirituality/religion, and I often wish I was more comfortable being as open as you are about it. As one of the people you may have been speaking to in the paragraph where you asked us not to tune out, I appreciate your writing this.

    1. thank you so much for your comment, jamie! and girl, don’t feel stressed or pressured – because that’s what i did to myself, too. and the second i “let go” is the second my life changed. hope you’re doing well, girl! <3

  7. Molly,

    Thank you for sharing this truly deep and personal story. Faith and religion is such a hard thing to talk about in a public forum and I praise you for being so open and honest about your past (and current) feelings. Much like the sender of your email, I’m a Catholic that has struggled with faith and the workings/missteps of our church. I hope to be as strong as you one day and return after my years of non-belief.

    xxoo – jessica
    PS – we’re giving away a set of rose gold rings http://goo.gl/ZEjXi

  8. One quick comment:
    I believe I have the same dress you’re wearing (the blue/white stripes), except mine is pink/white. And I was going to wear it tomorrow all plain and stuff. But I think, now, I’m going to put on a little belt, too. Thanks!

  9. Your honesty really touches my heart. It is such a blessing to hear real stories of faith. Thank you so much for sharing this today!

  10. Love it. love you and the blog, but love how open and ON.FIRE. you are about the Lord…excellent post 😉

  11. You and I have very similar stories about God rocking our world and running boldly towards Him and our mission about “why” we blog is also very similar. One of the things I have always wanted to do before I die is to help someone accept Chris as their Savior (and someone besides my own children because that is kind of understood). I hope that I can use my blog to show the love of Christ, even when I talk about fashion and beauty. Thanks for writing this…its such an amazing post.

  12. I made my way through the whole post and cherished every minute of it!! I love that you weren’t afraid to spread His word and love. It is refreshing to see Him work through you and on your blog. I am sure you reached so many people today…including me. He is an undying God with an undying love for us all. So proud of you, Molly!!!

  13. This post is amazing. It’s refreshing to get a little insight to a bloggers personal life. It truly is amazing to find things in life that just seem to make all the broken pieces fit back together again.

  14. I love this post. You are very real in all your posts and honestly, that is why I read your blog. Thanks so much for sharing this. Also, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I also love your posts on the prison ministry that you are involved in.

  15. Your story is so crazily similar to mine! I grew up believing, but not going to church religiously. I was taught the foundations of Christiantiy (be good to your neighbor, etc.), but had never opened up a bible. I visited my church the very first day it opened and I’ve been uniquely changed every since. I’m still not perfect. I still fall short more often than I care to admit, but I have found the missing piece. Great post!

  16. Thanks for sharing your story and testimony!!! I used to be a flaming liberal feminist…and now I’m married to a pastor. God is so good right?

  17. This is amazing Molly! Your testimony is incredible, and I love that you share your faith so openly and regularly. It’s so clear that God has done an amazing work in your life and is using you regularly. I’m thankful for fellow Christian Fashion bloggers like you.

  18. This was beautiful Molly. It’s so inspiring when we think we know someone’s life and story and they come to prove us wrong. Just goes to show that God can save anyone. I’ve been a believer my entire life and it still brings me to tears to think about how much my Father loves me, despite the constant ways I fail Him. Thanks for being so open and raw. The Christian community needs more like you that are willing to open up and share. 🙂

  19. Molly, thanks for writing this post! I struggle with my beliefs and at the moment, I’ve kind of accepted that I’m never going to be a religious person. Yet at the same time, I have this urge to learn more, to understand why people belief what they believe, in hopes that one day I can join them in those beliefs. I haven’t reached that point yet, but I have a strange feeling that at some point I will. I really admire you for sharing your journey with us!

    1. oh allyssa i know EXACTLY what you mean – i struggled with those exact feelings and i just accepted i was never going to be “religious” or whathaveyou. but then all of a sudden, it happened when i least expected it, and my life is forever changed.

  20. Beautiful words Molly, It’s because people like you who keep making this world a better place. Every time i read your blog every sentence makes me feel better, like im sitting with you drinking some tea or diet coke! Bless your heart forever.

    Thank you for doing what you do best you are incredible ♥

  21. Why do I do what I do ( work w/college students)? Because I have the immense privelege of watching God work in their lives–as He has in yours! What a wonderful story you tell through your blogging, Molly! Know that God doesn’t waste a minute of our lives–even–no, especially–the lost times! You are giving a gift to others with your transparency–you can be such an encouragement! Oh and I can’t wait to see how God works when that baby comes–parenting takes you to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of depending on Him!! Be blessed, wonderful woman!

  22. Hey Molly Amen! Sometimes telling a personal story can be the hardest thing, but also the most rewarding. You’ve touched more lives than you can ever imagine and it’s great to read on who Christ has made you to be, who you are and who’s at your Core. Amazing. Congratulations. It’s always a blessing know Why, Why we do the things we do. Much Love!

  23. Molly – I read your blog every day. I am so glad I discovered it! I love that it is a fashion blog, which is what I was searching for, but love even more that you are a Christian. I had always assumed that you were raised in the church and accepted Christ at a young age….I found this post very uplifting. I am so glad you shared your journey of faith. You are an inspiration.

    1. Deana thank you so much for you sweet comment. Seriously. and that was part of my motivation for sharing my story – i was definitely, what you could call, a late bloomer. 🙂

  24. Thank you for sharing your testimony! You have such a sweet and joyful spirit! Our God is the God of restoration! I try to always remember what He has change in my life ( I have a similar testimony ) when I am praying for my family and friends who are lost. He loves us all and want us al to have a life abundant! Praying for your family and your sweet little one on the way!

  25. I am SO proud of you & this post! I feel like I myself have watched you grow in the last couple years (we have YEARS under our friendship belt! Woot!)! I love you, dear dear friend!

  26. Thank you so much for sharing, Molly. It’s really hard to put something so dear to you out on the table for other people to see, but it’s what we are supposed to do. Your testimony is a beautiful story and you will definitely be blessed for sharing!

  27. Molly, thank you for sharing this. You are so honest and so genuine and that’s what I love about you. I’m happy that you are now in a place in your life where you are happy and proud. That’s what we all strive for. Keep doing what you do! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  28. What a beautiful story, and we have a beautiful Author, don’t we? I know we Christians can be hypocritical and self-righteous and off-putting, not doing a great job of showing what our God is like, but you put it so well. We’re imperfect people, looking to a perfect Savior, who is somehow redeeming the mess of our lives. I hope one day soon we can reconnect after being such great childhood friends! You are gorgeous inside and out, and I love reading your blog, Molly!

  29. Thanks Molly. I’m always inspired by how willing you are to bare yourself and share. Faith is something that has continuously alluded me, but I still keep circling around it (or those who have it, I should say). Much of what you wrote above resonates with me, especially being angry with God and the belief that God doesn’t want someone like me. I always see Christians as people I should “hide” myself from and be phony with, if I want to be accepted (or at least not stoned!). There just always seems to be something so happy about people who embrace God, I envy what appears to be peace from the outside looking in.

    Anyway – thanks.

    1. absolutely, stephanie!! i have struggled with this very issue for a LONG time. and i’m so sorry that there are people who call themselves Christians who you feel you need to hide from – but know that you never need to hide from me! and if you ever wanna talk, i’m here 🙂

  30. Molly, just want to say this post really spoke to me today. I’ve had a lot of loss in the past few weeks…and I find myself blaming God, wondering why he would do this, wondering if he really exists. I guess it helps to know that you felt similarly at some point and are now a believer. Anyway – just wanted to say thanks for giving me some hope and something to think about 🙂

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. annie, thank you so much for your comment. i was RIGHT where you were… seriously. i blamed God for everything. and sometimes all it takes is that moment of surrender and realization that we aren’t in control that becomes the turning point. i’ll be praying for you, girl! <3

  31. Molly, I loved reading this and getting to know you better. I think everyone plays the self pity game for a while after a tragedy…so I think that’s totally normal. What an incredible journey you went on…you are such a strong person and a wonderful example of how staying close to your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will change your life for the better!

  32. Wow thanks for sharing. I just assumed you had always been “religious” so it is very interesting to read about your journey! Losing your mom at such a young age must have been so hard. I can’t even imagine. I love your blog Molly! Keep being you b/c that’s why people read!!

  33. This was beautiful Molly. Thank you so, so, much for sharing. I appreciate your honesty, and I’m glad you’re in a happy place in life! 🙂

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