1. Of course, I never met your mom, but just hearing the amazing stories about her and seeing the love in her smile I see so much of her in you. I think that even when you can’t pick up the phone and call she will be there giving you the words, the comfort, the strength you need and desire. Your mom molded you into an amazing woman and so much of that can be seen in just a few moments spent with you. xoxo Praying for you and your heart and your relationship with your sweet babe. <3

  2. One of the things I think the internet is great for is having people praying for you that you don’t even realize are. After I read this yesterday, I prayed for you whenever I thought of you. I don’t know you, but after following along for a while, I feel like I do. I realize this side of heaven, you won’t be able to see your mama again. But I pray as you go through this beautiful change in your own life of becoming a mama that God will bring back wonderful memories of your own mom to enjoy. And that through your own baby, God will bring joy back into your mother’s days.

    1. jessica – this was one of the sweetest comments i’ve ever received. thank you so much for your prayers, thank you for your support, and thank you for being awesome. you made my week. <3

  3. Oh Molly, I relate to this so much! Missing your mom on Mother’s Day stinks (to put it lightly) and this year has been a totally different experience knowing I’ll soon be a mom. I want nothing more than to ask my mom a million questions about pregnancy and childbirth. But I’m so thankful we both know God is in control and is the ultimate comforter and caretaker. Sending hugs your way!

  4. molly thank you for sharing this – i didn’t know that about your mom. I can only imagine that even though it’s been awhile how hard mother’s day is and how hard new events are without your mom here. I’m sure while so exciting that you’re having a baby, it’s hard to picture all those things without your mom. You are going to be an amazing mom who would make your mom so proud!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day Molly! You will be a wonderful mother and forge your own path learning to be a mom. It’s a difficult path, but my biggest prayer is to be the mom that each of my kids need. The Lord will bless you for sure!

    xo Lulu

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