1. I love your dress, you look great. If I won, I would get the Turquoise Gemstone Chip Cluster Hoop Earrings and possibly the Olive Green and Black Extra Long Feather Earrings Wire Wrapped.

  2. I gained “too much weight” with all three of my pregnancies (I even had a RUDE woman at church ASK how much weight I’d gained!!!) but I had three healthy babies and I lost the weight in time. You look beautiful! XO

  3. I am in love with the Topaz, Blue and Pink Czech Glass Silk Knotted Adjustable Bracelets!!!!

  4. Love the Topaz Yellow Green Blue Czech Glass Silk Knotted Adjustable Bracelets. You look great BTW 🙂

  5. I am a newer reader but I just wanted to say that I love your style and love all of your outfits. As a fellow prego (26 weeks) I so get it! I am working out but the pounds are still packing on and there is nothing I can do about it! At least a sweet baby at the end of this will help forget about the unwanted pounds. I know I also have a 14 month old and was not happy with my body before number two came along. Thank you for this post!

  6. You’re allowed to talk however you want – and sometimes you just need to get it out!! I’m sorry you’re going through a bit of a tough time right now. It’ll all be worth it when your wee one is here!!

  7. It’s hard Molly not to get discouraged at how much your body has changed and will continue to change. You look beautiful and keep focusing on the fact that you are growing this beautiful baby inside of you.



  8. Try to ignore that scale because you look beautiful and amazing! I know its hard, but remember you are growing a life inside of you, so cut your body some slack.

  9. Your dress looks amazing on you – maternity dress or not! Great print, too. You look super chic and crazy comfy.
    If I won the giveaway, I’d be all over the Snowflake Obsidian Gemstone Triple Wrap Leather Bracelet – it’s so boho-chic.

    1. aw thank you so much, tara!!
      BTW: totally weird and not creepy at all, you were in my dream last night – we worked together at my current company and we went on a business trip to the midwest together and decided to ditch the business events and go shopping and eat cheese. is this real life? hahaha!!

  10. I think you just keep getting cuter as you get further along in your pregnancy. When people think you are realllly getting huge, they stop making the twin jokes. That’s when you should start to worry, lol. If I won, I would get the Wire Wrapped Amethyst Gemstone and Czech Glass Pendant , or the silk knotted turquoise and lapis lazuli gemstone chip necklace. All of her jewelry is so pretty. I like all of it!

  11. Venting is what we girls do with no hope and definitely no desire for a solution. We get you!! And I wouldn’t worry because it doesn’t sound like those biscuits have any calorie value at all. Thanks so much for hosting. You are a fabulous mummy to be.

  12. Hey Molly! Thanks for featuring my BBQ Chicken Salad and thanks for being so open and real. I loved your Mother’s Day post yesterday. Many blessings to you!!!

  13. Oh Molly I love you. Thank you for being honest. I’ve gone through phases during this pregnancy of having such a hard time with how I looked to loving my belly. sometimes within a day. (let’s blame part of that on hormones) It is such a strange thing that is happening to your baby. I try to remind myself this is temporary. and of course you know it is all worth it and would look any way but it is really hard. and people are dumb with what they say – there are some things that should just be a given that you don’t say but apparently people don’t know that. you keep doing what you are doing and remember that so much of what is happening is not in your control. you are growing a baby – YOU are doing that and it is amazing!! and as a plus you are beautiful and stylish!

  14. Molly, I totally get how you’re feeling! I gained was HUGE when I was pregnant. I gained 45 pounds and my doctor told me if I didn’t stop, that I’d never lose the baby weight. My face was so puffy, my fingers were puffy, my feet were puffy. My thighs and butt were like big giant marshmallows. I hated that part of it. But chin up, m’dear! Despite how you’re feeling, you are absolutely beautiful and you look adorable!! Soon enough, your little precious baby will be here and all of this will be a thing of the past!

  15. I would love to win the Wire Wrapped Amethyst Gemstone and Czech Glass Pendant.

    I had gestational diabetes and that helped me limit what I eat. I was super active during my pregnancy and actually continue to kick box until I was 8 months and walked 4 miles the day before my baby arrived. All that didn’t help – my face was a giant ballon and my body was so bloated.

    You are looking beautiful!!


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