[CLOSET STAPLES] 12 Ways to Wear Riding Boots

May 21, 2013·

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for any length of time, you know that this girl right here LOVEEEES her a good pair of boots.

Cowboy boots, rain boots, booties, and riding boots. Truth is, I’ve never met a pair of boots that I didn’t like.

However, the truth is, over the years, as my love of boots has grown, I’ve come to realize that there is one pair of boots in my closet that I have gotten the absolute MOST mileage out of… and that would be my brown riding boots.

I bought these babies when I was on spring break in Rome, Italy my senior year of college and I have worn them so much that the soles have actually fallen off and have needed to be replaced TWICE. I love them so much.

I wear them in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. I wear them with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, and leggings. Does not matter what the case may be, I tend to reach for these brown babies whenever I’m in doubt.

And that, by my definition, certainly makes my brown riding boots a CLOSET STAPLE. So, I thought I’d cover 12 ways to wear riding boots in the next installment of my little closet staple series.

OH, and in case you were wondering, NOW is the time of year to buy riding boots. No, but for real. Seriously. Everyone puts their boots on sale in the spring and summer because it’s not top “buying” season –  I even found some MEGA sweet deals on boots (all for less than $50!) and have linked to some options at the bottom of this post, in case you’re curious. 🙂

Without further ado…

Wear your riding boots with sequin shorts!

Closet Staples: 12 Ways to Wear Riding Boots

Or with a lace dress and layered collared shirts…

Closet Staples: 12 Ways to Wear Riding Boots

Or how about a jean jacket?

Closet Staples: 12 Ways to Wear Riding Boots

Or with skirts… or leggings…

Closet Staples: 12 Ways to Wear Riding Boots Closet Staples: 12 Ways to Wear Riding Boots

Do you own riding boots? What’s the most versatile piece(s) you have in YOUR closet?

Now, check out some awesome boot options (all for less than $50!)!