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May 20, 2013·

maternity style: mint tee, jean jacket, sequin skirtmaternity style: mint tee, jean jacket, sequin skirtmaternity style: mint tee, jean jacket, sequin skirt{{Top: Target
{{Jacket: LOFT
{{Purse: Target
{{Skirt: Express (love this one!)
{{Necklace: Stella & Dot

Has anyone ever told you that you CAN’T do something?

I’m serious. Think about it. How many times in your life have you been told that you can’t do something? Maybe it wasn’t in those exact words, but somewhere along the lines, we’ve been told no. Or we’ve been told that’s not possible. Or we’ve been told that “it” is out of reach. Or we’ve been told “it’s just not in the cards.”

I know I’ve been told too many times that I can’t do something, or what I’m striving to do is out of reach, or that my goals are too big, or my vision is too wide, or my ideas are too lofty and that I’m just setting myself up for failure or to be disappointed.

Now, this isn’t me trying to be some great motivational speaker or anything, but I’m here to tell you that it’s about time we shut those people up. The naysayers, the negative Nancys, Debbie downers, and the ones who are always trying to tell you “NO.”

This also isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be REALISTIC.

I just think it’s about time we started ENCOURAGING each other and supporting each other and building each other up rather than breaking each other down. Help someone figure out what they CAN do, rather than telling them what they CAN’T do.

And personally, I know I need to do a better job of letting the negative stuff roll off my back. I’m a happy, joyful person and I’m pretty good at not sweating the small stuff, but every now and then I really let the little stuff bother me. I let the little stuff ruin my day. I let the negativity or the joy-stealers suck the life out of me… and then they win.

Whether it’s the negative commenter on my blog, the stranger who tells me I look “huge,” the news story telling me what I’m doing is “wrong,” or even the person who asks me if “wearing sequins while pregnant is okay?” And for the record, yes. Wearing a sequin skirt while pregnant is not only okay, it is encouraged.

All of this rambling to say, it’s time we all just got a little more awesome. It’s time we all set big, lofty, crazy, goals for ourselves. It’s time we looked at ourselves in the mirror and said, “Heck to the YES this sequin skirt looks awesome and so do I.

And then I say it’s time we say to our friends, our family, our colleagues, “Hey you. Yeah, you. You’re awesome. You can do it.”

What do you think? Am I nuts? Am I just on some fluffy rampage? How do you deal with the joy-stealers and focus on what you CAN do?


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