Right Now

May 23, 2013·


Right now I’m…

wearing: my ikat maxi dress (worn in this post), my favorite gray TOMS with the hole in the toe, and a cardigan
listening: Zion – Hillsong United
reading: Inferno by Dan Brown
watching: Arrested Development season one (I’m rewatching the whole series in preparation for the launch of the new season on Netflix!)
doing: putting my feet up. I am TIRED. oh, and blogging, of course. 🙂
loving: simple nights at home with my husband – there aren’t that many left where it’s just the two of us!
hating: humidity – it is both the death of my hair and the death of my already swollen feet. Also not happy with the fact that I broke my tripod. I really need to go get a new one today.
wishing: a good night’s sleep.
wanting: any one of these shoes (no seriously, I’m obsessed with them) from ShoeDazzle:


What are YOU doing RIGHT NOW?


*The link for ShoeDazzle is an affiliate link, but I really do love those shoes. My golly I love them. A whole lot. Those wedges? GAH. I die. Okay, well I don’t die literally, just figuratively. I’m fairly certain those wedges will find their way into my closet any day now.