1. Love your Ikat maxi. Too cute. Those shoes are fabulous!!! Don’t forget to link up today.



  2. I too am obsessed with Shoe Dazzle! I get a new pair at LEAST once a month, sometimes more! Are you a member? I have a virtual closet and the blue striped mary janes are in my virtual closet as a recommended pick for me, but I have not bought them yet. Needless to say my husband is “thrilled.” He claims if I die first he will put all my shoes on eBay with a starting bid of a dollar! NO!!!! LOL. Once your feet are no longer swelled I hope you get your wedges, they are fabulous! 🙂

  3. You still look so cute! Just wanted to let you know I really liked One Church last sunday and am planning on returning!! Also, Walmart has some really good inexpensive tripods! I was surpisingly surprised (too many surprises? lol) at the prices and the one I have folds down and fits in my camera bag!

  4. aaahhh, this sounds lovely – I wish I could be doing this very same thing right NOW! I am so tired and reading your post just relaxed me a little…lol have a wonderful day. and yes, I been MIA…lol

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