1. How wonderful of TOMS to send you the sunglasses! That really does show great customer service! And as far as the weight gain, I think you do what you can. I’ve learned from all of my friends who have had babies that basically you plan one thing and it goes a whole different way, so it seems you’re getting an early start on that. I don’t think it’s a big deal! It’s just a blessing that you have a healthy baby! And that’s so nice that you had someone help you through the baby registry. I’m sure that’s an overwhelming experience.

  2. That makes me love Toms even more because they reached out to you and sent you a present. And, as always, I love your 29 week picture. Beautiful. I know it’s hard not to fret over weight gain, but I am pretty sure some of it is not up to us. I’ve had two kids and with one of them, no matter how healthy I ate, I still packed on more pounds. It was depressing. I began despising going to my appointments and being weighed. Try to remember that you will get a beautiful baby out of this. Try not to stress too much about it now. You can focus on loosing the weight later.

  3. that is so cool about the TOMS sunglasses!! how fun! and i am SO proud of your for working out!! I feel like i’m learning that sometimes it doesn’t even make a difference what you eat when you’re pregnant, your body is going to do what it has to do. which unfortunately means gaining weight! i’m sure the eating and working out will help, but I also think there is a huge part we can’t control. just like i can’t control that my boobs, butt and thighs are also getting bigger with my belly!

  4. Oh Molly – while I think you look lovely, I totally understand your anxiety surrounding the weight gain. I’m struggling with the same thing myself. It’s not an easy thing to handle in our culture, where everyone’s always comparing themselves to someone else. I really believe that the beauty of who you are, and your confidence in yourself, will only increase through this experience as God leads you through it. What a wonderful momma you will be!!

  5. I think it is FABULOUS that you are working out! I have been praying for the last year that I can stay significantly active throughout pregnancy. I’ve read it helps keep you feeling less tired as well. So proud of you. Keep it up! xoxo

  6. I don’t have any wonderful pregnancy/weight advice, because I’ve never been pregnant, but I can imagine how I would feel if I were in your shoes. You look beautiful. That is all.

  7. Gaining weight in pregnancy is NO fun for anyone, no matter how much weight you gain. I ended up gaining 55 pounds because I swelled up a lot towards the end, and I remember how discouraging it was because it seemed like no matter what I ate, I would still gain like 4 lbs/week. I’d agree that if your midwife isn’t concerned then you don’t need to be either. Added stress only increases your cortisol levels and mess up your hormones even more. Your body will do what it wants to do in pregnancy, ESPECIALLY since weight gain is so hormonal and your hormones are going crazy right now. Weight gain is so much more complicated than calories in and calories out through exercising. So try not to get too discouraged and just focus on staying active and making sure your baby gets some healthy nutrients.

    If after the baby comes you’re still having trouble losing the weight, then you should look into the Paleo lifestyle. It has changed my life, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. But until then, just focus on taking care of that little one, and soon enough that weight will come off!

    1. thank you so much for the support, solidarity, and encouragement angela!! i don’t know if i could go Paleo – but it’s something i might try after baby is born to help with the weight loss

  8. hey Molly! Don’t beat yourself too much over your pregnancy weight gain. I was so glad when I was pregnant that I gained 28 pounds. But 15 of those just won’t budge no matter WHAT I do. Then on the other hand, my friend gained 40 pounds and 6 weeks after having a baby, she is back to her pre-pregnancy weight. And my sister, who gained 60 pounds with her first now weighs less than she did before having a baby. All that to say that it’s just a numbers game. Everyone gains weight in different amounts and for different reasons when they are pregnant, so and if your midwife isn’t too concerned, try to follow her lead (even though it might be hard). Enjoy this time with your new curves while you have them!

  9. I know we’ve only met a couple of times, but I’m so proud of you for staying active while pregnant! Seriously, you worked out more than me and I’m not even pregnant. I guess if you can do it, then I have no excuse! I believe that you will be so happy that you were diligent about your weight gain once it’s all said and done. Thanks for sharing that personal information!

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