Nursery Update: Help Me Pick Out a Rug!

June 4, 2013·

My amazing husband has made some seriously awesome progress on the nursery lately! Honestly, all the “BIG” stuff is done – and I will definitely share some progress photos soon. BUT, now is really my part in the nursery set-up process… the decorating.

Now, the nursery has taken on a bit of it’s own personality, as rooms are want to do… but we are keeping with the Kenya theme as closely as possible. I didn’t end up choosing just ONE of the color palettes I showed you earlier, I’ve kind of combined a few of them and I’m loving the shape that it’s taking.

Now, two of the biggest things that really help bring a room together are:

  • Curtains
  • A rug

I am SO pumped that I found the PERFECT fabric to use for curtains! I found this fabric (below) and it’s FROM Kenya, made in Kenya, and is being shipped to me from Nairobi! YAY! It’s JUST like the fabrics I saw in the markets in Kenya. Now I’m totally kicking myself for not buying more fabric when I was there.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Kenya-Themed Nursery Inspiration

It is going to PERFECTLY pull in the colors of the walls and everything. But, now I need to look for a rug.

I’ve said before that I wish I was better at home decor… I mean, I’m not TERRIBLE, but I really wish I had a knack for it like some people.

Well, one of those things I wish I could do well is mix and match curtains and a rug. SO, I’ve been looking around for rugs that could potentially “coordinate” (not necessarily MATCH) that fabric that I got for the curtains and maybe even a few other crafted projects. And no, I can’t exactly find any good “Kenyan” rugs… so I’m having to just use the color palettes for inspiration.

That’s where I need your help! I found some rugs I like… I’m thinking yellow or orange would be a good bright color against the dark wood floor of the room.

So, take a look at some of these below. What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Do you know of any good places to find cheap, but awesome rugs? What kind of rug would YOU get to go with that fabric?

Option 1 | Option 2

Kenya-Themed Nursery Inspiration: RUGS!

Option 3 | Option 4

Kenya-Themed Nursery Inspiration: RUGS!

Option 5 | Option 6

Kenya-Themed Nursery Inspiration: RUGS!

Option 7 | Option 8

Kenya-Themed Nursery Inspiration: RUGS!

So yeah, which one do you like best? Any thoughts? Any inspiration? I’m looking for my home decor aficionados! 🙂