1. Hey Molly! I love reading your blog but have been a bit behind lately, due to the end of the school year. You look so great, and I like I told you on Facebook, you are my maternity style inspiration! (I am due in early September.) I just read your blog post from mid-May, #realtalk, and just want to let you know, you are not alone in your feelings! I too have struggled with body image issues basically my whole life, and pregnancy, although wonderful, has not always been a breeze, especially in that department. Why do people feel like they have to say SOMETHING to a pregnant woman about her body? It is a natural, fact of life. I just don’t understand why people feel like if they see a pregnant person they absolutely must make a comment. It is so bizarre! Hang in there—you look beautiful and will be a great momma!

  2. Your purple bag goes with everything! It’s awesome! I especially love it with the mint. I hope things calm down for you soon! And happy, happy birthday to your dad!

  3. Love the picture of you and your dad Molly. Great post and please don’t apologize. I don’t know how i got my post done for tomorrow. Aiden’s sick and I pretty much haven’t left his side all day. Try to enjoy the last few months before the baby arrives and don’t work too hard.

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  4. I am right there with you on the blog commenting and reading. LIfe has been so busy for us lately too. I think it’s the time of year! Thanks for linking up and you are as precious as ever!

  5. Cute photos! Mint is everywhere right now and I LOVE IT! It’s so fresh and pretty.
    You’re looking great, girl! And I hear you on the day job thing, work is INSANE this time of year.
    Hang in there! 🙂


  6. Wait…what? You mean you have a real job? In addition to being a wife, blogger, pregnant chick and just all-around awesome person? Ha! Never apologize Molly. We all know you have a super full plate and love that we just get to be along for the ride 🙂
    xoxo – Marion

  7. I agree, I love this color combo!

    Hoping for grace and calm in this last stretch of work before baby – I know I feel like I am walking uphill every single day, just so anxious to get to the end of it so I can do some serious nesting 😉

  8. Ooh what a great color combo! Best thing about that purse is that you can wear it anytime you want…even after the baby is born…that thing is definitely big enough for some diapers and a few bottles. 🙂

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