20 Cheap, Fun, and Creative Date Night Ideas!


  1. Hey There Still Being Molly,
    Thanks for the info, I’ve only been seeing this guy for a few weeks, so I feel like it’s too early to just be hanging out at one of our homes. I’d rather be out somewhere, but we don’t have much money. It’s winter, and in the midwest, so it’s pretty cold. We’ve already gone to the movies, to dinner, bowling… I don’t want to keep doing the same things over and over. Does anyone have any cheap, creative ideas?
    All the Best

    1. Find a karaoke bar in your area. Karaoke has become pretty popular lately so maybe you can find a local bar that has a Karaoke Night. It’s totally fun & VERY entertaining.! You two will have a blast, even if you’re not on stage. But I strongly encourage getting on stage, whether you’re any good vocally or not, it’s all about having fun!

  2. Cuddle on a cool night under the stars and look back to the first time you met or when you first felt the sparks fly. I’m sure you’d both be so lost in no time at all and go through it all night long. It’s pretty romantic if you’re both strongly in love still, but otherwise…

  3. I love these ideas. Actually there are a few in there that I didn’t think of. Thanks for sharing. I am so writing these down for reference.-

  4. We love going to get frozen yogurt and sitting at the park in the evenings! So relaxing and inexpensive. Best of all, its us time where we get to sit in silence if we want.

  5. Molly! I love this post! It’s so creative and I’m totally keeping it. One of my favorite date nights my hubs and I had was before we were married. But we met after midnight on a night that was going to have meteor showers and watched it together. It was awesome! I’ll never forget it. Hope you’re feelin’ well girl!

    xo Lulu

  6. We have a dollar theater nearby which makes for cheap date nights. We don’t even keep up with what movies are playing in the “real” theater so we are not tempted to over-pay for movie tickets. Our theater shows films as soon as movies come out of DVD (or before?). We get the full, fun movie experience for only $3.00. Sometimes we splurge for the popcorn! 😉

    Also, during the summer some of our local parks show free flicks in the park on Friday nights = even cheaper date night!

  7. We love driving around together, not necessarily to get lost, but we like to get ideas on what to do with our garden, haha. That and looking for yard sales! We love a good yard sale and sometimes we find some awesome things! 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

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