20 Cheap, Fun, and Creative Date Night Ideas | Molly’s Money

June 6, 2013·


As we have been preparing for baby (and because we are savvy spenders and big savers anyway), John and I have loved coming up with creative ideas for DATE NIGHT. I thought I’d share some with y’all! Now, these are date night ideas that you can use if you are dating, engaged, OR married!

We have not, personally, done all of these, but they’re ones we’ve thought of or brainstormed and can’t wait to try out!

1. Play Netflix / Hulu plus / DVD / TV roulette: Take the remote, open your favorite tv-watching service together, and flip through till you land on something totally random that you can watch together! You might discover a new show or movie!

2. “Build” your dream house together: John and I play this one all the time. Each of you take turns “building” a feature. Start from the outside and work your way in. How many acres of land? What does your yard look like? Landscaping? Porch? House features? Go big or go home!

3. Recreate the meal from your first date / wedding night / other important occasion: Head to the grocery store and get all the accoutrements for making a memorable meal!

4. Drive around looking to get lost: Get in the car, start driving, and just go!

5. Look on Trulia.com and find the most expensive houses for sale in your area and go look at them: Pretty self-explanatory!

6. Recreate your first date: Everything from what you wore, to what you ate, to what you did – recreate it as closely as possible. And awkward (and super romantic) first kisses at the end of the night are a must!

7. Pull out old photo albums and share stories: I love reminiscing and telling John stories from my childhood or from growing up and I LOVE seeing pictures of him as a kid!

8. Learn to play a card game: We LOVE games – go buy a pack of cards from the store and look up a card game you don’t know how to play and learn it

9. Rearrange or do something to redecorate a room: This one is a favorite of my project-loving husband.

10. Go to a coffee shop, restaurant, or park and people watch: Pick a busy place… people watching can be so fun!

11. Go to a coffee shop, restaurant, or park and “write a story” for two people you see: Pick a random pairing of people. Give them names, jobs, backgrounds, “write” a story around these strangers you know nothing about.

12. Star gaze: We love driving John’s pickup truck to a field, parking it, laying in the back truck bed and looking at the stars. Get the Star Walk app on your phone for even MORE fun!

13. Midnight picnic: Pack a midnight picnic and head somewhere!

14. Make cookies (or buy cookies / donuts / a delicious treat) and go downtown and hand them out to strangers: This is all about putting a smile on stranger’s faces… and yours!

15. Organize a progressive dinner with friends or neighbors: My dad has done these a bunch where he lives and he and Bonnie LOVE them!

16. Set a budget, go to a Thrift Store, and buy an outfit to dress the other person up in: Yeah, crazy clothes encourages!

17. Make ice cream sundaes: I’m talking go to the grocery store and get THE WORKS!

18. Build a fort! I’m talking old-school, kid-like fort in your living room!

19. Go test drive a car: Head to a dealership and test drive a new car!

20. Come up with a love “bucket list”: Come up with a list of 10, 20, 100 things you both want to do before you die! Bonus if the item is something you can do together!

What other date night ideas do YOU love? Which one of these are you going to try out with your significant other?