1. You’re good for getting into jeans while being pregnant in the summer! I’m not sure I’ll be able to get out of yoga pants. I think I’m going to have to negotiate with work and all parties I encounter to figure out ways to make yoga pants appropriate.

  2. I agree 100%! I am just into my 2nd trimester and found pants were one of the first things I needed to buy in maternity and once I did I fell in love – comfort is so the way to go! And the best part is so many maternity jeans are actually cute!

  3. I completely agree! When I was pregnant, the staples of my wardrobe were the easiest things to put together into outfits. Plus, fashion sometimes isn’t your priority in the morning. If you have good staple items, it will be easy to look stylish. And yes yes yes to good maternity jeans!!

  4. I hear ya on the staples when it comes to maternity clothes. I rely on a few tops and bottoms to get me through these last weeks. Although I didn’t buy an expensive pair of maternity jeans, I agree finding a comfortable pair is key. I can’t wear jeans to work so it made more sense to spend money on a good pair of slacks and I lucked out with a great pair of capris I borrowed 🙂

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