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  1. I completely get the ugly cry. My mom died 11/11 and I would absolutely erupt in tears if that happened to me. Gorgeous shower though.

  2. What a cute baby shower! Reading about the baby blankets was so sweet – what a special, amazing gift.

    I’m in the Triangle area too, and will definitely keep your sister in mind the next time I need to order a cake! It’s always fun to meet other bloggers that are close to home 🙂


  3. What an ADORABLE idea for a baby shower! Such a cute theme and the cake was so cute. You also look like you have a basketball under your dress and nothing else. I swear you haven’t gained weight anywhere else!

    I hope you are feeling okay and thanks for hosting!

  4. Tears in my eyes! What a sweet, sweet gift from your Mom. Tears! Also you look fabulous and this color really looks great on you. That cake is so cute. I’m glad you had such a great shower. You truly are blessed.

  5. I LOVE the picture of your reaction to the crochet baby blankets your momma made. So precious Molly!


  6. Wow that cake is AMAZING! As a former cake decorator myself I just loved it.

    The decorations were so cute and those blankets from your departed Mom…wow that is special. What a great party.


  7. Oh Molly! I wish I could have been there…your sister did such an amazing job. You look amazing and oh my goodness I’m sitting at my in laws right now tearing up at your mom’s incredible gift. What a sweet and shocking surprise. You deserve it. 🙂 Excited to see you soon!


  8. Hi Molly. Your bump is getting rounder, bigger & cuter each day. A Great Maxi Look for your Shower & I love the Earrings. Those Diaper Cloths are great too, so Colorful. But I will be honest, I purchased a few pairs myself to do both Clothing & Disposable Diapers but overall I wasn’t satisfied though I got some of the more expensive ones. They do make cute panties/shorts over the diaper, though.

    I must say I love that Gorgeous Cake. When are you due again? I also love the photo of that tiny Baby Girl. I linked up a post where I have a picture with My Beautiful Baby Girl, this week.

    And, if you want to line up any Guest Posts for when you are expecting the baby or those first couple of weeks (you will be very busy, trust me), I would love to Guest Post for you. Please let me know. Thanks.

  9. Molly, it looked like it was an amazing shower! You looked so beautiful. And the blankets from your mom… so incredible sweet and probably something you will cherish forever. I’m so happy that you had such a memorable time. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. you look so beautiful!!! and i love your shower decorations! those blankets from your mom is the sweetest thing in the world. what an awesome story!

  11. What a beautiful momma you are!! Your shower looks like it was perfect and I even teared up a little bit at those sweet blankets from your mom. You’re in the home stretch now!

  12. Thanks for picking out my peppers as a feature this week!!! 🙂 And talk about tearing up at those baby blankets. What a precious gift.

  13. My husband and I can’t even keep our Christmas gifts wrapped until Christmas, let alone wait to find out what the sex of our baby would be! That cake is incredible…love all the edible animals! And seriously, I wasn’t thinking I was going to cry reading this post, but the blankets your mom made before she died had me doing an ugly cry, too!!

  14. Molly you look beautiful! The color on that dress is gorgeous 😉 Looks like a wonderful baby shower – decorations & cake is so cute!!! You’re in the home stretch!

    xo Lulu

  15. Molly, your baby shower was so cute! I’m glad I read this before I came to work this morning, because I had myself an ugly cry, too, over the blankets that your mom made you. What an awesome present!

  16. What a beautiful baby shower, Molly! I loved your IG video on Saturday and was thinking of you 🙂 and those blankets made by your momma, I can’t even believe it! I’m totally tearing up knowing how meaningful and precious that is.

    I still haven’t posted shower pics from two weeks ago…I am so behind!

  17. Molly, I was so surprised to see that you featured me this week..thank you for doing that! It was a first on here for me. I cried when I read about the blankets that your mom made for you. How special, and you will cherish them always.. Such a great baby shower! I wish you nothing but the best!

  18. Sounds like the perfect shower and I love that you have something from your Mom for your little one! My grandmother crocheted baby blankets for all of us kids and she passed away when I was really little so it is something in my memories trunk that I savor as a part of her and I know your kids will do the same thing! Praying for a smooth end to your pregnancy and a healthy little one!

  19. oh my goodness molly…what an incredible, moving gift. Made me tear up…seriously, i’m just so happy for you and to know that your sweet little one will have a gift from Grandma. so wonderful.

  20. You look beautiful. The color of the dress is amazing (definitely your color) and I love the scarf you paired it with. And the baby blankets from your mom, you had me crying so I can only imagine how you were. What a blessing those blankets are for you and your baby. And what an amazingly thoughtful and caring woman your mama was to do something like that.

  21. Molly! What an amazing story about your baby blankets. That’s such a beautiful gift! I’m glad you had such a wonderful shower. Your sister’s cake was BEAUTIFUL!

  22. Oh wow Molly! I got chills as soon as I read that your sister gave you a gift from your mom! I was so touched by the post you recently made about your mom and as soon as I read you had a gift from her, I was so excited for you! My grandma (who has been my mom growing up) just passed away in April and she did the same thing for us before she passed. She crocheted each of my kids and myself a blanket and it is one of the most treasured things I have. My 5 year old daughter, who had spent everyday with my grandma, sleeps with her blanket every night and tells me she knows her grandma is with her. With her being so young, I felt so sad for her that she would never get to make the memories I have with my grandma but she has something she can hold onto throughout her life that was made especially for her. It is such a special thing that you can wrap your little one up and know your mom is with you. You will be able to tell your little one that even though she had never met him/her, she loved them already, before they were born and she made that special for them. I am so glad you had such an amazing surprise. You are truly blessed with such an amazing family! I would expect nothing less than an ugly cry! 😉

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  23. What a fun shower… That cake is unbelievable! And how sweet and wonderful that you were able to have something so special from your mom! I love that! Praying for a smooth and quick last few weeks before your sweet baby comes!

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