1. Glad you found ALL YOU and loved it! I subscribed to it several months ago for the sole reason that it is known for its coupons, which I try to clip when possible. However, I was surprised at how much of the content I really enjoyed reading. I have yet to get around to reading this months issue you’ve shown, but there always seems to be some great tips I haven’t thought of and some delicious recipes. They are good at reminding me of how simple some things are that I’ve let get away from me – like eating healthy breakfasts!

  2. This is great advice! Right now, I’m focusing on eating good, lean protein and veggies. I’m so tempted to eat burgers and fries all the time, so I’m completely avoiding fast food, too!

  3. I’m so glad you are feeling better and able to do what you want throughout your pregnancy. Right now my appetite is pretty unhealthy. I’m hoping once I’m out of my first trimester that will change. I love All You magazine!! I love the recipes and coupons!

  4. For me having something to look forward to (a trip/event) is always good motivation and so because I have both an outdoor festival and international trip planned later in the year starting back in about March I started trying out all the different group classes at Kinetix (now an O2 location). I tried them all once, found the ones I liked, and now I am HOOKED. I do spin class once a week, and the class that I will officially refer EVERYONE to is Bodypump…it is intense…and I hated it so much the first three times I almost cried…but if you can stick it out three times, you’ll be obsessed and it literally has started to transform my body in only a few months just going once a week (I try get to the gym 3 times a week now). Oh and YES breakfast is for sure the NUMBER ONE thing you can do to help your body find it’s healthiest place, stabilize your sugar levels, hunger levels, metabolism, EVERYTHING.

    And just wanted to say, Good for you Molly! I know I complain about being busy and tired, but you really are amazing for doing everything you do AND while pregnant. xoxox

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