High Five for Friday and 35 Weeks!

July 5, 2013·


Happy Friday! It’s time to celebrate the awesome moments of the week!

  1. I’ve been a huge fan of the glue-on Broadway Nails for a long time, but I recently got a sample of their press-on sticky nails in my June Influenster VoxBox and I LOVE THEM! They were so easy to put on and they actually lasted almost a full week. Plus, aren’t they adorable?
  2. Husband and I just before our second baby shower in Newton.
  3. I caught husband practicing the “baby hold” with Tater. I think he’s got it down pat. 🙂
  4. Despite being extremely uncomfortable, I’m still working out! I even did a full hour on the elliptical on Wednesday! WAHOO!
  5. Husband and I went on our 2nd annual Fourth of July-eve late-night trip to Waffle House. We’re spending this month trying to do all the things that will be much more difficult to do once baby comes. 🙂

What about you? What did YOU do this week?

35-week-photoHow far along: 35 weeks. One month to go!

How big is baby: About 5 pounds and about 18-19 inches long. The “fruit and veggie” scale says “large” cantaloupe. Large, eh?

Weight gain: I’m retaining a ton of water weight right now so that’s not helping the scale, but my midwife says not to worry… so I’m trying not to. But I’ll be honest, it’s hard. So, in total I’ve gained about 40 pounds.

Sleeping: I’m a broken record. Although, I did have a better night’s sleep than normal on Wednesday. AND we slept in until 10am! (We’re trying to do things this month we won’t be able to do after baby is here.)

Food cravings: Nothing really.

Food aversions: Japanese food.

Symptoms: I’ll be honest, I’ve hit some sort of point in this pregnancy where everything is just uncomfortable now. I’m swollen, my back hurts, and baby is apparently sideways right now which is an extremely uncomfortable position for baby to be in (at least for me). BUT, I am trying to stay active and stay positive as much as I can. But, it is tough.

Miss Anything?: Sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

Doctor’s appointment: I had one on Tuesday and I’m now going every week. Next one is next Friday where I’ll get my Group B Strep test done.

Wedding Rings: Still on! They’re tight, but I can still take them on and off.

Clothes: My wardrobe has shrunk even more than it had before – and my feet and ankles are so swollen I’m really self-conscious to wear shorts or short dresses.

Movement: ALLLLLL the time.

Best moment of the week: Going to late night Waffle House with my husband. I cherish those moments.

What I’m looking forward to: Crossing the remaining things off of our registry list!

What I did / Got for baby: We had another amazing baby shower this past weekend. We also finally got a glider and a rug – so the nursery has really come together!

What I learned this week: Nothing really this week.

Prayer requests: Sleep, sleep, sleep, and comfort in these last few weeks.

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