1. Anyone who’s been pregnant totally gets how you’re feeling! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! You look fab and I love this orange dress!! Praying everything went awesome this morning!

  2. Hope everything went well this am, congrats on making to 38, I made it to 40 with my first and was so much better off than early with my second! Best wishes,

  3. I know how you feel about just wanting to look your best so no judging here for wearing a cardigan and scarf in this heat. Plus, everywhere you go has their AC blasting so you’re bound to get cold. Sending you my love and prayers to get that little baby in the ready position! Here’s to hoping an easy labor!

  4. I think if a cardi and scarf make you feel more comfortable, then rock it! I think you look fabulous. I’ll definitely be praying for you today. One of my friends had what sounds like the same procedure. Lots of prayers for you!

  5. Wow I just want to say you look beautiful – such a wonderful colour and I love that delicate bracelet – too cute 🙂

    Laura x

  6. Oh my, I’ve heard that whole moving the baby thing can be quite uncomfortable. I’ll be praying for you! My doctor was totally old school, so he wouldn’t attempt to reposition the baby and instead did a c-section. =/

  7. Wow! Look at you. Suddenly looks like there is lots and lots of baby you poor thing. Good luck with the re-positioning. And you look stunning. With it being winter here I didn’t even think twice about the scarf and cardi. Whatever makes you comfy. And the colour is stunning. Thanks so much for hosting once again.

      1. I am happy to hear that! When I was pregnant with my first son, I felt him flip over head down at some point. It was super weird and kind of uncomfortable. It wasn’t anywhere near 37 weeks, so I can’t imagine how weird that felt!

  8. You look fabulous Molly and orange is a great color for you. I will be praying that the baby procedure goes well today. I am a labor and delivery nurse – have you heard about the Webster turning method? E mail me if you want more info. Be blessed! Susan

  9. You look great! And I must say, I am always impressed with how well you pose for your pictures. As for your procedure, I will be praying. I am guessing it is an ecv. I am praying for peace, health for you and baby and that it works. I had a successful one with my first pregnancy.

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