Blogging Essentials & Tools: BLOGSTOMP!


  1. Thanks for posting this review! I know this is an old post, but I recently learned about blogstomp and have been trying to determine if I want to purchase it. So this review helped! PS. Do you still use it/love it?

    1. i still use photoshop sometimes to edit the actual photo (like if i’m doing any post-processing…) but most of the time i use my images SOOC (straight out of camera) so i just import them into blogstomp to arrange, resize, rename, and sharpen them!

  2. Hey Molly thanks so much for posting this! Just tried the trial and had a quick question in case you came across this – how do you center your stomped pics in your blog (mine is WordPress)? I can’t find anywhere to do this in the app itself.

    Will email support but thought maybe you knew just in case – thanks!!!


    1. what do you mean center your stomped pics? I center them using the “center” feature or even in html in the post itself… that’s outside of BlogStomp… just wanna make sure i understand your question…

  3. Hey Molly,

    Thanks so much for the advice that you have given and for this post! Starting a blog can be a little overwhelming and the advice does help! I know I have spent a day on ways to improve and the do’s and don’ts of blogging.

    Thanks from a new blogger!!!

  4. I have PhotoShop, but it takes me FOREVVVVER to get anything accomplished… pretty much googling every step along the way! I might have to give BlogStomp a try – thanks for the tips!

        1. Yeah I never used the trial… I just went ahead and bought it. So that’s the downside is the cost, but it has been so worth it for me! The trial would be good to just get a feel for how it works.

  5. I have to admit I don’t always read blogging 101 posts. I’m sure you can tell. But this is SO helpful to me!! Definitely going to be checking this out!!!

  6. Thanks for this! I have never heard of it, but definitely makes sense! I thought all the bloggers out there were professional graphic artists too. I am definitely going to have to add this to my Christmas list! You should do this is a regular series. I would love to know all your blogging tips and tricks to help us small bloggers out! 🙂

  7. Uh, yeah. I’m going to be purchasing that pronto. Seriously, thank you so much for posting about this! I don’t have Photoshop or Lightroom or any of those programs, and I’ll tell you why. I would, as you said, spend HOURS working on pictures. Literally! If I were a graphic designer, then it would make sense to spend the time learning how to use a program like Photoshop, but I just need something that’s easy-ish. I’ve been using picmonkey online, but it’s kind of limiting unless you purchase a monthly membership. Thank you, Molly!

    1. it is my FAVORITE!!! you can’t do MAJOR actual “editing” of the photos (although you can do some color correction and sharpening – i still do most of my actual “editing” in iPhoto) – but the resizing, renaming, collaging process is SO MUCH FASTER with BlogStomp. I am obsessed.

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