1. I remember a pond in the neighbors pastor that we’d climb the fence to go play in. I would wear my jelly shoes because I could get in the water in them and not have to worry what was on the bottom of the pond that could possibly get lodged into my feet. Isn’t it fun bringing up old memories with something so simple. I loved the photos. Wish I would have taken some of me when I was pregnant. But, I am not even close to being photogenic. I am afraid of cameras being pointed in my direction LOL.

  2. Got the chills looking at these pictures!! Oh my word, serious framers!!! Look at that sweet belly!!! Savor it!! You are almost there!!

  3. OMG I am freaking out right now! I had an IDENTICAL pair of jelly shoes, ohh mmphgh30mmphh years ago and I loved them so much I would wear them to bed and once my cousin slept over and I gave hear bruises by kicking her in my sleep wearing my jelly shoes and she got so mad at me she demanded to go home the next morning and I was extremely offended that I was being held accountable for my actions while I was asleep! Sorry for the random story, but that’s what jumped into my head when I saw your photos !!

  4. i love the pop of color from your red jellies and i think the red color makes those shoes feel less 1980s my childhood is calling again.

  5. I might jump on the Jellybean band wagon. I remember wanting jellies SO BAD when I was 5 or 6, but my mom wouldn’t get them because she said they’d make my feet sweat. Sad story, I know. So, I might have to order me a pair! The red ones are so cute on you, Molly!

    1. oh rebecca, DO IT!! haha i was the same way – i wasn’t allowed to have them as a kid, either, but then my sister bought some for me!! i remember my mom being so mad! but then she ended up loving them!

  6. haha, a few years ago nordstrom started carrying old school jellies again (at least the stores in seattle). i bought like three colors…thinking they were coming back and SO excited.

    glad it’s actually happening now. nothing like some good jellies! they are the best!

  7. I’m loving this jelly show trend and totally wore jellies as a kid! And oh the blisters, you’re so right! Miserable. Good to know they’re comfy 🙂

    And I’m undecided on the floppy hats…haven’t had the nerve to buy one, but always think they look good on others 🙂

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