1. This is a great post. Thanks so much for sharing all that about yourself. I do get the irony of the sad comedian though. It makes a lot so sense. You’re lovely!

  2. That is SO COOL about golfing, being a comedian and working in radio! How fun! Not fun that you were unhappy when you were your funniest, though. 🙁 I can totally see you as a teacher and I LOVE your college photo! My kind of girl (and I love fun dip)!

  3. I totally love this post and learning all these things about you! I am so impressed that you played golf, taught golf, AND was a comedian. Wow. Impressive. I’m not very good at golf. I can’t hit them very far though they do tend to stay straight, so that’s something right? My favorite part is driving the cart, haha. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. I never knew any of this, so I LOVED reading this post, Molly! FYI, I went to golf camp one summer–all was great until I accidentally let go of the golf club and it went through a car windshield. True story.

  5. Ah, I love this! It’s so great getting to know you more. I play golf as well! I started when I was nine. My whole family plays golf, and my fiancé is recently hooked.

  6. Such a fun post! So something random about me… I was in a commercial when I was about 12, which sounds cool until you hear it was a commercial about recycling. And my only line? “No plastic bags!” Yep, it was my claim to fame in middle school.

  7. Molly – sounds like you have done some fun things! Don’t feel bad I think only a handful of people can say they had a great high school experience, and typically that’s when they peaked!

  8. These are incredible, MOlly!! YOU are incredible. I never knew you were a golfer…and a comedian. I could see you being all sorts of things in college, though, so none of those fun facts about your college years surprised me 🙂

  9. Great post Molly! You are so real and approachable! There are a ton of things that people don’t know about me and it probably should stay that way;) I am a vegetarian – that is one;) Happy day! Susan

  10. I wouldn’t have figured you for a golfer, but it fits. And I do remember seeing very little of you my last two years at CNU. And I still think you are funny, even if you aren’t sad.

    I’m struggling to come up with something embarrassing, but few people know that I wrestled (poorly) in high school, that I am a black belt martial artist (and that I am a complete pacifist partly because of that discipline), proudly wear a kilt several days a week as my favorite piece of clothing, that I have recently begun an apprenticeship with a local blacksmith, that I am training to compete in the local highland games, and I aspire to become a semi – professional Santa Claus (if only I can find the money – the suit alone could set me back hundreds of dollars, and yak – hair beards ain’t cheap either!) Yes, I am weird, but you already knew that about me.

  11. I loved watching/listening to your proposal. How cute and fun to share along with you!

    I’ll make my something you didn’t know about me with my proposal as well. My hubby proposed by giving me a bible with my first name with his last name on it. My first thought was “why would he give this to me when we aren’t even engaged?!” and I look up and he is on one knee holding a ring.

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