A Poll, a Baby Gymnast, & a 38 Week Update!

July 26, 2013·


Right off the bat, I realized I’ve never actually polled you guys on this before. As you know, we haven’t found out the gender of our baby… we’re letting it be a surprise. So, I’d love to poll you guys and see what YOU think Baby Stillman is:

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I can’t believe I’m writing my 38 week update. If I look tired in this photo, it’s because I am. I’m exhausted.

Sure, I know these posts aren’t the most interesting for everyone, but I’m so glad that I’ve been committed to doing these updates every Friday since we announced we were pregnant. It’s been great for me to be able to look back at earlier weeks and see how I was feeling, what I was praying for, and what things we did that week. I actually plan on getting each of these “updates” printed out for Baby Stillman’s baby book!

So, I appreciate each of you that read my little personal “bumpdates” and comment each week. I also don’t even know how to tell y’all how much I appreciate your encouraging emails, comments, and messages.

On Monday, I briefly mentioned in my post that we were going into the hospital for a procedure… some of you seemed to know what I was talking about. I’ll update you on what happened.

Well, basically, my mother’s intuition is strong already and I had a feeling the baby was breech for a while. But, I kept being told, “Oh no, that sure feels like a head… pretty sure head is down!” But something just didn’t feel right. I was REALLY uncomfortable in ways other people had said they hadn’t experienced… so at my midwife appointment last Friday afternoon, I mentioned something to my midwife.

She was like, “Sure, I’ll check.” And as she tried to feel for the baby, she couldn’t tell what was where and that had her concerned. So, she immediately sent me to the ultrasound tech to get an ultrasound on me… and sure enough, they put that thing on me, and there was the baby’s head… right underneath my ribs and two feet lodged in my pelvis.

I cried.

She said my options were to have a “version” or “ECV” done (basically where a doctor manually moves the baby into position), schedule a c-section, or try and flip the baby naturally. A c-section is exactly what I have been praying against this whole pregnancy.

I went ahead and scheduled the version for Monday morning, but spoke with my midwife about all the “natural” ways to try and flip the baby. So, I, quite literally, spent Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday doing EVERYTHING I could think of to try and flip the baby. And, we prayed. Oh did we pray. And I called on a few of my prayer warrior friends to have them pray. Because flipping the baby at this point this late in the game is tough.

So, I tried all of the things that I could find on Google that said could naturally flip a breech baby:

  • Hung off the side of the couch upside down (inversion, I think it’s called?)
  • Pelvic tilts
  • Swimming (I spent about two hours in my friend’s pool doing forward flips, floating, and doing handstands)
  • Walking
  • Playing music for the baby (I put headphones RIGHT on my lower pelvis (where I wanted the baby’s head to be) and played music for Baby ALL NIGHT LONG all three nights

Some of the more hilarious and admittedly awkward techniques:

  • Shining a “light” towards my lower pelvis. Yes, this is as weird as it sounds. I basically took a flashlight and slept with it in between my legs for three nights. I’m told that the baby wants to go towards the light, if you will, so I was willing to try anything.
  • Having my husband read to the baby. Except, he had to read basically to my pelvis. Yes, again, hilarious and awkward. But I read it worked. So, during our nightly bible reading, my husband just chose to read at the other end of the bed… like the light, the baby wants to follow sound.
  • My husband also talked to the baby and said, “Alright baby, this is your daddy, first order of business, we need you to go head down.” He said a few more hilarious things, but I’ll spare you.

So, yes, I know these methods sounded crazy, but I was willing to try anything. And of course we continued to pray. I was so scared of getting the ECV because I’ve heard it is NOT a pleasant procedure.

Well, anyway… as of Sunday night, baby was still head up. So, I went to bed with a flashlight and headphones between my legs and prayed that something would work. (How often in your life do you get to say you did that? Not very often, I suspect).

Woke up Monday morning, went to my chiropractor appointment, and then headed to the hospital with my husband and my mother-in-law. I was so nervous.

I got into our room, got hooked up to all these monitors, and all of a sudden on the screen my midwife says, “Molly, I think we’ve got a miracle. This baby is head down.”

I cried! Our prayers were answered! Seriously. It was a miracle.

But, my blood pressure was high and both baby’s and my heart rates were high so they did some stress tests and kept us monitored for a while to make sure everything was okay.

Needless to say, I was so thankful… it was really scary. I go back today (Friday) for my 38 week appointment and I am PRAYING that this baby has stayed head down and hasn’t done anymore gymnast moves.

So, yeah, long lengthy update there, but I want to make sure I remember all the details.

Now, onto the ACTUAL 38 week update…

How far along: 38 weeks, 2 days.

How big is baby: About 7 pounds and about 20 long. Fruit and veggie scale says “watermelon.”

Weight gainStill at about 50 pounds… though I feel like at least 15-20 of that is swelling and water weight. I am still exercising though! It’s not much, just about 30-45 minutes of cardio a few times a week – it’s tough, but I feel SO MUCH better on days I work out than on days when I don’t.


Sleeping: I need more naps.

Food cravings: Nothing this week.

Food aversions: Japanese food still.

Symptoms: All of them. All of the symptoms! The big two are:

  • Headaches are back, which is no fun.
  • Back / hip pain – middle and upper back are much better now… it’s my lower back that’s a real doozy. The worst thing right now is this hip pain and pelvic pain. Every step feels like I’m being stabbed. And the hip pain really makes it impossible to get out of bed or even roll over. My husband has to help me out of bed. :( That’s embarrassing…
  • VERY swollen feet and ankles – I took my flip-flops off at work the other day and couldn’t even get them back on when I went to leave my feet had swollen so much.

Miss Anything?: My body. Feeling like a normal human. Sleep.

Doctor’s appointment: I have my 38 week midwife appointment today… praying everything is still okay! (see big long explanation above)

Wedding Rings: Nope. Still wearing my loaner ring.

Clothes: My wardrobe has shrunk even MORE than before, which I didn’t know to be possible. I’m totally rocking the crop top trend… unintentionally. Haha!

Movement: This kid moves a lot! I just hope it’s moving, you know, in place.

Best moment of the week: Finding out the baby was head down! And getting to hang out with Brooke to take her photos for her blog. 🙂 PLUS, she gave Baby Stillman the sweetest gift basket ever!


What I’m looking forward to: I just can’t wait to meet this baby. I am so excited!

What I did / Got for baby: Packed baby’s going home from the hospital bag this week. So fun!


What I learned this week: All the different ways to “naturally” flip a breech baby. Yes, some were weird, but hey, between the “weird” ways and prayer – we got this baby flipped!

Prayer requests: That the baby is still head down! I am also praying a lot now for labor and our wishes for labor. But, in addition, I’m just praying that this baby, no matter HOW he/she decides to enter the world, will enter the world healthy and strong. That is what is most important. I have to remember that while we have our wishes and desires for this birth, God has already written the birth story and it’s going to be beautiful no matter what.

I am also praying for after the baby is born that I don’t have any trouble with breastfeeding or latching. It is so important for me to breastfeed our baby and I am just praying that I am able to do it well and without any issues!

Okay. Phew. I know today’s update was a long one, so thanks for hanging in there with me!

Happy Friday, y’all!

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