1. What great news that your baby flipped on his/her own! The same thing happened to my 3rd at about 37 weeks. I cried at the news too. I went to my chiropractor 3 times before the version (she did the webster technique – is that what you had done at your chiro?). I had also heard about the music “down there,” but not the other things. I did have to go through with the version since the baby was still head down. BUT, it was the easiest thing ever. So slick and only took 5-10 minutes. And it worked till delivery! I’m thinking the prayer and webster technique were key. I can’t wait to hear your news and see photos! Prayers for a smooth and quick delivery and healthy baby and mommy 🙂

    1. thank you so much, jessica!! my chiro doesn’t actually do the webster technique, sadly… i see him weekly for just general back help 🙂 but i’m so glad to hear you were able to have your baby flip, too!!

  2. I am so thankful for your pregnancy posts and your good news! My husband and I are hoping to start trying for our first baby after the new year and reading your posts makes me feel a lot less scared about everything! God bless you, your husband, and baby Stillman!

  3. I am so glad baby flipped on his own! I seriously feel like you’re having a boy. I guessed the royal baby’s gender right, so maybe I’m right with you, too! You’ll lose so much water weight after you give birth.

  4. picturing you doing some of those things is quite funny. 🙂 I’m sure i would’ve tried them all too! praise God that they worked!! I’ll continue to pray that baby stays in the right position! I know the idea of having a c-section is not what you want. I almost had to have one after 3 plus hours of pushing and was so upset! Thankfully I didn’t. But also am reminded that we are so not in control of what, when or how labor happens and continue to need to trust that God will keep our babies safe and healthy! 🙂

    1. hahah yeah it was definitely quite comical… but desperate times call for desperate measures.

      and oh girl, you are a trooper! are you going to share your birth story?? i would LOVE to hear / read it! xooxxo

  5. What a miracle. Prayer is so powerful! Hope your appointment went well and the baby is still in good position. I always love learning things, even if it’s weird. I’d never heard that stuff before so it was interesting. 🙂

    – Toria

  6. So glad to hear you and the baby are okay. When you mentioned needing a procedure, I hoped and prayed all would be well. Glad to hear the baby has turned itself around! Hope she or he continues to be in the best position. Sending you, your husband, and the baby prayers and goods wishes for a continued safe pregnancy and labor. I have enjoyed reading your updates and getting glimpses of your happiness and excitement (and your husbands/friends/family members as well).

    Best of luck and God Bless.

    1. I forgot to add that I think it is really awesome that you reply to so many of readers’ comments. As a reader, I find it awesome and makes me respect you more beyond how and what you share about your faith!

  7. So glad you shared what you’re praying for, so I can pray too! That’s awesome the baby flipped on its own and I’m hopeful she or he will stay in position 🙂 the swelling in the feet was the worst for me and they stayed swollen for about two weeks after the baby arrived! I brought a pair of flip flops to the hospital I hadn’t worn since last summer and needless to say they wouldn’t get on my feet at the hospital!

  8. A true miracle!!! I can’t even believe the baby turned like that!! Power of Prayer, Sister….and flashlight!! LOL! And I am sooooooo calling this baby a BOY!!! It was been such a fun ride watching you go through this pregnancy!

  9. Girl you are rocking this hole baby thing 😉 I can’t believe how happy and beautiful you look. I just imagine myself that preggo being miserable and grouchy

  10. I am so happy that all your natural techniques worked and that you didn’t have to have the procedure!! Praying and keeping my fingers crossed he stays head down!! Imagining your husband reading and talking to your pelvis made me giggle by the way 🙂 Hope all went well today!! xoxo

  11. My vote is definitely for a girl!
    I can’t wait to see if that comes to pass 🙂
    Also, I hope everything stays the way it’s supposed to!
    I don’t know much about pregnancies but I’m praying for a healthy, happy little one 🙂

    tiana of l’esthetique

  12. Hoping & praying that sweet baby of yours stays head down! Not gonna lie, I have to giggle at a few of your “tricks” to get the baby to move, haha!


  13. I’m so happy for you Molly. I enjoy your weekly updates. It is very courageous of you to keep up with it as I know when I was pregnant I couldn’t keep my head straight. Love you Molly and I know boy or girl, you and John will be great parent because you had the best mom in the world. She is looking down on you and is so proud of you! I miss her too. hope to see you sometime and meet baby Stillman (Embry). I’m pulling for that name!!!!

  14. i am soooo glad that little nugget turned around!!!!!!!!!! fingers crossed for labor and im sooo happy i got to see you and even happier about getting to see you way more often in the future!!!!!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  15. That is amazing Molly!! I can’t believe that baby Stillman moved to head down! God is so awesome and it just goes to show that He takes care of us and gives us gifts like these to remind us that He’s doing so. You are so close to the finish line!!! 🙂

  16. What an accomplishment blogging every week with your progress. You will be so happy that you have this record. Just hopping over from instafriday. I think I’ve prayer more fervently for my children, especially in the womb, than I have for anything else in my life. Both of my children are miracles. God is good and he will see you through this. Thanks for sharing about your answered prayer. It is an encouragement.

  17. Molly, a piece of advice! Let baby latch the first time you hold him. I did that and then had to spend a few days in the icu and was still able to sucessfully breastfeed with some help fron the lactation consultant. If you have problems at first GO SEE THE LACTATION CONSULTANT. It was so worth it and thoughhard at first, im convinced we had success because of that first short little latch. I know you will be a great mom and am so excited for you!

  18. Your going-home bag is so cute! I love that it’s all packed and ready to go 🙂 Also, I’m totally thinking you’re going to have a boy, and it looks like that’s the popular opinion!

  19. I had plans for how I wanted my births to go also; some of them worked out, some didn’t. But I just kept remembering that any birth is successful as long as the baby joins you and is healthy. So try not to stress about the birth plan too much and just know that no matter how it goes, it will all be worth it in the end!

  20. God is awesome. He loves your faithfulness, and its awesome to read as well. Blessings for your family and you will LOVE labor and delivery. It’s what we were made for 😉

  21. Molly, I am so glad that Baby Stillman behaved and flipped around. I have enjoyed reading your posts and sharing your pregnancy journey. I cannot believe we are both almost there. Good luck with labor.

    I read a quote the other day that I have just kept repeating these last weeks of being pregnant that has helped me get through. Romans 8:18 – the pain you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that’s coming.

  22. So that first picture of you, I love the green top poking out the bottom of your patterned top. A super cute look that I never would have thought of. And those baby toms from your friend, so cute!

  23. fingers crossed the baby stays the direction he/she is supposed to. i was breech when my mom was pregnant with me, and they actually did the thing where they flipped me in my mom’s stomach. she said it was awful and the next day i flipped myself to breech again. BUT about 2 weeks before i finally got myself together and in the right direction, so i’m sure maybe baby stillman just wanted to see how much they could get away with already. just think of it as having a little rulebreaker 😉

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