HOW TO: Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry


  1. I did this today, thank you! My Tiffany teardrop earrings are as good as new! They were DISGUSTING, they had been in my drawer for years and I thought there was no hope! THIS WORKS!!! It took just a few minutes to get most of it off!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

  2. Everyone sounds super happy – did you find any negative results – not that they weren’t clean – but… I am always concerned with how these could harm the jewelry – no bad side effects? – NOT trying to be a buzz kill – have been looking for alternative when one jewelry cleaner turned my sterling silver necklace black. I’ve never been able to reverse it – perhaps this will help. – let me know..
    – taf

    1. hey TAF, i didn’t experience any negative results with this… granted i ONLY cleaned my sterling silver jewelry… nothing else using this method. it’s all natural stuff (water, baking soda, and salt), so I can’t imagine it would damage your jewelry at all… i hope that helps!

  3. This was a nice & helpful post. I do have some Silver jewelry to clean.

    Hope the last days of Pregnancy are going well for you Molly. Take it easy & get as much sleep as you can. The first 2-3 months are so restless for both Mommy & Baby.

    And please stop by my blog to see what’s new with me and the baby girl. Thanks, Ada. =)

  4. SO happy that you posted this, cleaning my silver has been on my to-do list for a while now! Pinning it as a reminder for a weekend project!

  5. Molly this is fabulous! I have so much silver that has gotten tarnished, and i just stopped wearing it basically because I haven’t gone out yet to get jewelry cleaner! I love that I can do this with ingredients that I already have!

  6. oh my gosh! look at the change in your jewelry… its INCREDIBLE. i have a tiffany’s pendant that’s so tarnished it’s almost shameful (yet, of course, i wear it anyway LOL.) this post is so helpful! i’m cleaning it tonight!


  7. I was just looking for a way to clean my silver jewelry! I was meant to find your blog, haha! Thanks so much for sharing, I can’t wait to try out your method. Thanks for the link up party too!

  8. What a smart idea! I am super lazy when it comes to cleaning my jewelry. I haven’t gotten my engagement ring professionally cleaned since I got engaged (whoops….). I’m a big fan of the toothpaste cleaner 🙂

  9. are those the tiffany silver ball earrings? mine are so tarnished! i’ll have to try this! also, i went in to a tiffany’s to see what they would recommend for cleaning my wedding band (platinum)-the man said tiffany’s would clean it for the life of the piece, so he took my ring, and put it some cleaning machine and after a few minutes, it looked brand. spanking. new. amazing. i wonder if they’d do that with silver jewelry?

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