DIY New Baby Gifts for Nurses & Celebrate Everything Link-Up!

July 30, 2013·

I’ve been slowly but surely trying to accomplish all the little things on my “to-do” list these days. And trust me, every little item I check off is a huge accomplishment for me because all I want to do is sleep.

I shared this little image on Instagram over the weekend and got SO many questions about it! Well, this task was to make little gift bags for the nurses, midwives, and hospital staff for when I am in labor and afterwards during our hospital stay.

I cannot take credit for this idea…  I originally found the idea here and decided to make it my own!

Basically, I just bought some candy, put it in some ziploc baggies, and designed a little bag tag in Photoshop. Then, I printed out the bag tags on cardstock, folded them over, stapled them to the bags… and voila! Easy DIY gift bags for those people who will take care of us while we’re having a baby!

Doesn’t seem like much, but I love doing a little something nice for people – especially people who are taking care of me!

And for those inquiring minds, the little gift tag says:

We’ve been blessed with this sweetie

And it only seems right

To pass on the sweetness

With a treat that you’ll like!

Thank you for all that you do!

Anyway. It’s those little task accomplishments and those little things that I’m getting done these days that I am celebrating!

Domesticated Working Woman