1. I think you look fantastic! It will be winter by the time I’m that far and I’m already dreading how I’m going to look pulled together without wearing just yoga pants and oversized sweaters!

  2. Oh I remember too well rotating the same things towards the end. Actually, I didn’t have a ton of stuff for my first baby so I rotated all that stuff throughout the entire pregnancy. And I had 3 workout tops that I used to teach dance in. I wore those with my second baby too. You do what you have to do! I think you look cute and the necklace is a fun touch.


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  3. I think you are doing a fabulous job accessorizing in this heat! I’m glad I will have scarves, sweaters, and jackets to help switch things up a bit when I’m further along.

  4. You’re rockin it mama! I still can’t believe how fab you’ve looked throughout your entire pregnancy. I pretty much said screw it passed 30 weeks and lived in maternity leggings!

  5. I hear ya! I’m not as far along as you, but I swear my jewelry, bronzed and a blow out make me feel a TON better these days!

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