1. ahh this is the sweetest!! how precious. isn’t it amazing how much you already love your baby even though you don’t know the gender of it or what your baby looks like

  2. You look fabulous! You are going to be such a good Mamma. Also, this is something I really believe and I hope you don’t mind if I pass it on, but I think that your baby has already met your Mom. I think they met before the baby came to you. I hope you are doing well and baby comes soon.

  3. Love this, Molly! What a sweet, sweet letter. It’s so great that you already know that your #1 priority in the home has got to be your relationship with your husband. So many vital lessons in childhood stem from roots in Christ and growing up under a stable marriage. Blessings for the birth of your sweet little one (I just had mine 10 days ago…amazing!!) Praying for your health and the baby’s as well as a beautiful welcome and adjustment period for your whole family.

  4. Molly, this brought tears to my eyes. Especially the parts about your mom and the We <3 Embry sign. I'm a mess. It's so beautiful and so well-written. Baby will definitely look back on this one day and love and appreciate it so much. And your photos are BEAUTIFUL! Those tiny cowboy boots!

  5. Love this post Molly. I’m still on vacation but I am trying to catch up on my blogs. I Love this post. It brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of waiting for my son to be born. It is the best feeling in the world. Enjoy these last few moments before this beautiful little one arrives.



  6. Okay, this made me a little teary eyed, not going to lie. And I hope your child does get to read it someday! It is so sweet and I LOVE that you said you are making your marriage a priority because it is what’s best for the child 🙂 I think this is very true! You guys are going to make amazing parents and I can’t wait to see photos of your little one!

  7. This is so beautiful Molly! You’re going to be such a good Momma, I can’t wait to see your and your little one on here. Wishing you a healthy & happy delivery for baby Embry.


  8. I wish that I could blame the fact that I teared up reading this on pregnancy hormones, but I can’t. Beautiful letter to your little one Molly. They are so loved already 🙂

  9. Such a sweet post – like many, I too was crying as I read it – I am praying for you for a healthy safe delivery and a beautiful baby very soon!

  10. Well, that’s just the most awesome thing I’ve read on the Internet in a long time.

    I mean, we all knew this, but your kid has clearly picked his/her parents well… 🙂

    Best of luck, and I’m looking forward to having my Facebook feed blown up with baby pics real soon now.

  11. This is SO sweet Molly. I can’t wait for you guys to meet your little one, you’re going to be the best Mamma. Also, these photos are gorgeous–you need to frame them and treasure them!

  12. Oh my goodness. You definitely made me cry at work. This letter is so heartfelt and sweet. I really hope you read it to your little one one day!

  13. What a beautiful letter for your little one. It’s obvious that Embry will be born into a family of unconditional love and a baby can’t ask for anything more! I believe this post is enough to show the pride your mom must feel from a much better place. Wishing you a safe delivery, a speedy recovery, and a bouncy, beautiful, healthy baby soon!
    With Luck Blog

  14. This was a beautiful letter. These are awesome pictures of you. You look beautiful! While I don’t personally know you, I do read your blog everyday. I’m praying baby ’embry’ decides to come soon and you have a safe delivery!

  15. Oh, Molly, I cried. Like ugly face crying. This is beautiful and I am overwhelmed with happiness for you and hubby. I can’t wait for you to meet Embry. I’m praying so hard that things go according to your plan, but more importantly, God’s plan. This baby could not have been chosen to better, more loving parents. Love you girl.

  16. That did bring more than a few tears to my eyes. I have been inspired by that Gmail commercial featuring the Dad who writes emails to his daughter, and I am going to do that if – no, when, because we are still optimistic that somehow, I will be ble to give Kristi the children she is beginning to despair we will never have – we have children.

    You will be a great mother, and your mother is proud of you, and she delights in you and your children, and you will do a great job as a parent, as your parents did in you. I can say this with absolute confidence that your parents were and are great parents, because their love and care and skill is evident in the person that you are. You are kind and thoughtful, patient, caring, and generous in spirit, and these are qualities that arise from being on the receiving end of good parenting. You will impart the same to Baby Embry, because you want so badly to be a good parent that you will succeed.

    I can also tell you with confidence that your mother is very proud of you. I say that because I am also short a parent. My father died of complications from lymphoma not long before I came to CNU, and one of the great sadnesses I carry with me was that he never saw me graduate, never met my wife, and will never know my children. But I have to remind myself, as you might have to too, that my father, and your mother, presumably, were saved, and thus they are in the eternal kingdom, and also always with us, because they live in us. Baby Embry will meet your mother – the part of your mother that lives on in you.

    So, thank you for a good catharic cry, and I hope Baby Embry comes out to meet you soon.

    1. wow, Jim. i have no words for how much your comment means to me. seriously. i am speechless. i had no idea about your father and we obviously share the same sentiments having lost a parent. i will be praying for you and kristi because i know you both will make amazing parents! thank you for this. you are wonderful.

  17. OK, I am up waaaaay tooooo late tooooo! Girl, this brought tears to my eyes. Ross & I both wrote letters to our girls and we read them out loud to them often. I cry every time I read them. This is the best thing ever and you will cherish this post all your days…and so will your sweet child. It has gone by so fast….you will blink and 5 years will have gone by!! Beyond excited for you!!! Big hugs!!

  18. Way to make me cry at 1:01 in the morning. I hope baby Embry decides to make his or her appearance soon and does so in a easy and speedy way. Praying you have an easy labor and delivery and that things go the way you want but if they don’t remember that at the end of all of this you will have a beautiful little baby in your arms and that’s really all that matters. Blessings to you and your husband and that darling little Embry. Now go get some sleep cuz soon it’ll be hard to come by! xoxo

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