40 Weeks!

August 9, 2013·


Happy Friday! I hope you had a WONDERFUL week. I’ve stayed pretty busy this week! I can’t believe I’m sharing our 40 week update. CRAZY!

Well, here’s the update in all her glory:

How far along: 40 weeks, 2 days.

How big is baby: Average baby at this point is anywhere from 7-10 pounds. I’m hoping he/she is closer to the 7-8 pound range.

Weight gainHolding steady at about 50 pounds (give or take a few depending on how swollen I am at the moment).

STILL working out! So many of y’all seem so shocked I’m still going to the gym. Honestly, I feel BETTER when I work out than when I don’t. I am pretty much sticking to just cardio and stretching and it’s one of those things where it just hurts so good. I feel so much better after 30-45 minutes of cardio!due-date-working-out

Sleeping: My sleep has been erratic this week, at best. I’ve had a few nights of just plain AWFUL sleep. It’s either a combination of I can’t shut my brain off, I’m TOO tired, or I just can’t get comfortable. I love how everyone says to me, “Oh, enjoy that sleep while you can!” Y’all know I’m pregnant right? It is not easy to sleep when you’re pregnant. I am okay with an erratic sleep schedule at this juncture. Seriously. I’m totally fine with it. I may be a zombie sometimes, but that’s okay.

Oh, and note to other pregnant women: do not (I repeat… DO NOT) watch What to Expect When You’re Expecting when you are tired and hormonal. The adoption scene? Talk about UGLY CRY.

Food cravings: This isn’t really a “craving” because I technically “crave” it all the time, but oh boy is Chipotle EXTRA delicious right now.


Food aversions: None really.

Symptoms: My hip pain is really the worst right now. It just plain hurts. But honestly, other than my hips, I “feel” pretty good! I’m tired, but who isn’t?

Miss Anything?: Nopers.

Doctor’s appointment: I went to see my midwife yesterday (Thursday) and it was a roller coaster of emotions-type morning. One second we thought the baby was breech again (cue me crying uncontrollably in the office), then the next second baby is head down. I learned that baby is doing very well and is very healthy, happy, and quite comfortable in there. In fact, baby is so comfortable that baby is just REALLLLLLLLLLLY high. Like, no where near dropped into my pelvis. In fact, baby is SO high, they aren’t even able to strip my membranes to try and get things moving at all. I’m “barely” effaced and turns out that 1cm of dilation they thought may be there last week isn’t there at all. So, yeah, it could be a while.

We go back twice next week and twice the week after (if still no baby) to just continue close monitoring.

But honestly, that is okay. I am 100% totally at peace with this! The baby WILL be born. I won’t be pregnant forever. And baby is healthy. That is ALL that I care about.

The thing that is the most frustrating is just hearing the same things over and over and over and over and over again from everyone else. I know people want to help and I know people just want to give me their advice, but the truth is I am OKAY. We are okay. In fact, we’re doing great! Sure, I’m tired. Sure, I’d LOVE for this baby to be here. But I’m taking it all one day at a time and I’m trusting in God’s plan. It’s just that the more I’m reminded by other people to “wait” and “be patient” and that the baby “will be born” – that just can start to get old. You know? I don’t know how else to say, “Thank you, I know. I am aware. I am very aware that this baby will come out eventually. Thank you!”

I really don’t mean to sound ungrateful, because I’m not. I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO grateful for all of the love and support we are getting – I know how blessed we are and I never want to take any of that for granted. So I hope no one takes that the wrong way!

Hey, at least we know we have a little Tar Heel on our hands. Look at that foot!


Wedding Rings: Still wearing my loaner ring.

Clothes: About two dresses fit, a pair of maternity jeans fit, and maybe three or four tops fit. So I’m just throwing those in various rotation.

Movement: Baby still moves A TON!

Best moment of the week: Having an impromptu girl’s afternoon with Brooke on Wednesday! We had lunch (at Chipotle, of course), walked around the mall, and I got my makeup done for fun. It was awesome.

makeup brooke-molly-hangout

What I’m looking forward to: The weekend! I am hopefully going to hit up the pool with mah hubby.

What I did / Got for baby: Finished prepping all of our diapers (which I lovingly call diapeys). And yeah, I’m at the point where I WANT to nest, but I’ve already nested ALL THE THINGS. There’s nothing left to nest. In fact, I am re-nesting things at this point. I’m nesting things that don’t even need to be nested.

What I learned this week: Apparently doing jumping jacks can help jumpstart labor. I tried 100. That didn’t work. And then I was just tired. Baby Stillman was probably in there like, “WHAT on EARTH are you doing, mom?”

Prayer requests: I’m still praying very fervently that I go into labor on my own, and that I don’t have to be induced. I just want baby to come naturally… I don’t want to be induced. I am also just praying for grace and patience as I can feel that I can feel “on edge” when I’m tired. I don’t want to take out my tiredness on other people! That’s not my nature, but sometimes we’re human and humans get tired.

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