1. i love that you got your makeup done. i went about 42 weeks with my first and i never even thought of doing something fun to distract myself!! what a great idea! you look gorgeous!

  2. Can I just tell you how proud I am of your positive attitude on going past your due date and how you have continued to post outfits throughout your entire pregnancy. You, my friend, are an inspiration!!! Seriously!! Your spirit is infectious!!

  3. nothing wrong with basics and then adding a brightly colored purple, some fun nails and jewelry to spice up your outfit. love it molly!

  4. I feel like by August 15th he or she will be here. I bet you can’t wait. You & your belly look great btw Molly. Keep us updated.

    Take Care, Ada. =)

  5. You look so awesome and I ADORE all of your pretty necklaces!!! I’ve never gotten my makeup done before and sort of think I should just for the heck of it one of these days… I linked up for the first time today! YAY!

  6. You’re amazing. I love how positive you are remaining right now. I can only imagine how frustrated/anxious you are to meet your little one! Hang in there and I will be praying for you!

  7. I love basic outfits as well! Perfect casual look for any occasion! This is to me when a woman can truly show her “true beauty”. You looked great!

  8. You look amazing Molly and soon you’ll be back to all your fabulous clothes. After having my son and i lost the weight, it felt like I had a brand new wardrobe. Loving all the bling.

    Don’t forget to link up to my weekly tres-chic fashion thursday link up.



  9. Sometimes a simple t-shirt and jeans is the best, and you look absolutely gorgeous. Your makeup looks amazing, too! You are glowing, girl!

  10. Such a fun idea to get your makeup done at 40 weeks 🙂 distractions are so welcome! I was wearing the same three shirts for the last weeks and funny enough with nursing I still seem to wear about 4 shirts and 2-3 different pairs of shorts but I don’t mind. I think this whole mom thing has me simplifying my routine which is much needed 🙂

  11. I personally have a fondness for simpler styles and think you look AMAZING. I adore the purse (I’m a sucker for purple) and the jewelry – all of it! Especially the necklaces and spiky bracelet. Love the nail polish too! Blue and purple are one of my favorite combos – they’re such a calm, peaceful, relaxing combination. 🙂

  12. Every Monday, I think “Still Being Pregnant” instead of Still Being Molly. =) I can’t believe you’re 40 weeks and you’re still rockin’ the style! You look gorgeous, Molly!

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