1. Loll i actually used the eviction notice one on an overdue lady and she laughed, and agreed. Like braaah, get out already. Done with this pregnant forever nonsense

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I wish I could share with everyone saying the things NOT to say without hurting their feelings. I’m going crazy with the countless messages asking if the baby is here yet or unsolicited advice on how to induce labor. I’m not even that late! I have been so tempted to turn off my phone completely to avoid the stress and non stop check-ins. Thanks again for this post!

  4. Thanks for the laugh! I just googled, “how to respond to you’re still pregnant” and found this. I’m only 4 days over 40 weeks and am getting very tired of the “You’re still here?”‘s and “No baby yet?”‘s. I’m honestly very patient for my baby to be born, but very impatient with everybody else’s impatience for my baby to be born! It’s like, “Really? You’re not interested in anything about me and my life except how pregnant I am? I promise this is not consuming my life. The world continues to spin.”

  5. I just talked to my friend whose getting most of these retarded questions. I suggested both a funny and a pointed reply: I don’t know when the baby’s coming and I don’t know the lottery numbers either. Do you? or I don’t know when the baby’s coming and I’m okay with that. Are you okay with not knowing or does that bother you?

  6. This totally just made my day!!! I’m 41 weeks today and I’ve been getting some of these lines since I was 38 weeks! I’m an overly annoyed of everyone asking me if baby is here yet? or if I have any signs of labour yet? … Like really?? If you are important enough in my life you will know when the baby comes and when labour has started…no need to remind me it hasn’t…Unfortunately for the things to say I have gestational diabetes so no cupcakes for me, but you can believe I will be indulging once my little one comes!

  7. I love this post. I’m now 40+4 days pregnant. I do miss a quote with ‘coffee and cupcakes’ in it. I know not every pregnant women likes to drink coffee, but I do.

  8. Lol! Love this! And I’ve heard pretty much every one of the what not to say. It’s maddening. Most of all “you haven’t had that baby yet?!” Or “Why haven’t you had that baby yet?!” Seriously people. Get it together. You’re asking questions that are common sense and you sound like you don’t have common sense.

  9. Lol how ironic that below in my adds there is an add for birth control. I know it’s totally random but it made me smile.

  10. Oh, thank you so much for the laugh this morning! Today is our due date and this puts my feelings into words better than I ever could!

  11. There should also be what not to DO to a over due lady… like random people running up and rubbing your belly trying to guess when she would come… i was due sept 26 and rosalie came on oct 1 after induction. But i was miserable and had gained more than 50 lbs with her so i constantly got irritable comments and gestures. But my granny did always show up with awesome sweets 🙂

  12. There should be a “Things Not to Say to Pregnant Women In General”I am 36 weeks today and I have been hearing, “Well you’re about ready to pop, huh?” Since 30 weeks. haha Really people? I had three months left! Bless their little hearts.

    1. Now the people complained about their hardships in the hearing of the Lord, and when he heard them his anger was aroused. Then fire from the Lord burned among them and consumed some of the outskirts.

        1. I just wanted to say that you responded to this persons unkind, ungracious post in a way that was loving and gracious. I thought that article was funny. I could easily read the humor. 🙂

      1. Maybe if someone had read the entire blog post, they would have known it was a joke, and meant to be funny. This was hilarious. 🙂

    2. Hey “You’re Negative” – thanks for the feedback. 🙂 I promise, this post was 99.9% a joke and meant to be taken lightheartedly and in fun. I was almost 42 weeks pregnant when I wrote it and needed a laugh. If you know me in real life (or read this blog regularly) you’ll know that I am probably one of the least negative people you’ll meet. Thanks for reading!

  13. I had two of my kids on their due dates and one two days before. All came on their own time. Funnily though, after the 35th week, I started hearing all these “don’t say” things. I ended up being more tired of hearing those comments than being pregnant. I skipped church the last week before I had my second baby because I told my husband, “I will punch the next person who says, ‘Oh! You’re still pregnant?” Well no Sherlocke. I haven’t! *Ugh*

  14. Someone posted this to my wall (I’m due in four days)……so can you add to your list of taboos: don’t post this to your almost overdue friends’ Facebook page? Very ironic 😛

  15. I was 42 weeks before they decided to induce me… Luckily I wasn’t uncomfortable but sure wish ppl would have still offered me a cupcake lol! Delivered a 10lb 2oz, 24″ healthy baby girl… So glad I didn’t feel anything with that epidural except the pain in eyes from pushing and they wanted me try to keep my eyes open…. Don’t do that! Close your eyes!!! The strain on your eyes can hurt.

  16. My baby (blessedly!) arrived a day before her due date. (Seriously, how does that even happen?) Even still, I got TONS of these comments. Stop people, just stop! Let pregnant women be pregnant!

  17. These are great! I do recall my dear father-in-law calling me EVERY DAY near the end of the pregnancy (back when there were land line phones exclusively, mind you) and asking, “have you had that baby yet?” I so desperately wanted to respond, “yes, we had the baby this morning, didn’t call you and I’m back home, answering the phone and making dinner.” I know he meant well. I just held all that in and said, “not yet, Dad, but I’m sure I’ll have it soon. Thanks for checking on me. Talk to you tomorrow.”

  18. This is fantastic! Thanks so much! My best friend and I are both pregnant together, she’s at 41 weeks and I’m at 16- she’s is all the above things! Getting a kick out of reading this, thank you much!

  19. I just found this post, and love it! I was 4 days over with my second (born aug 18), and heard quite a few of these.
    Here’s another one: “You look like you’re about to POP!” Really? Why don’t you grab a pin, then, and help me out!
    At the grocery store, when I was not quite 40 weeks yet, another shopper asked “do you really think you’ll get that watermelon out of here?” HaHaHa! You, sir, are a great comedian…
    And another time a man patted his oversized gut and, pointing at my belly asked, “got another one in there?” (I had my first with me). Nah, how about you?

    I love your cupcake laden comments:) so true!

  20. I am currently past due and have been very emotional, grouchy, frustrated, feeling like I’m letting people down because this baby is not out yet. This managed to actually make me laugh and made me feel a little bit better, thank you!

  21. I just turned 41 weeks today and the furniture sales lady at JCPenney told me I looked larger than her coworker who delivered 7 & 8lb twins…. Real nice as I’m spending several hundred dollars in your store!! I almost walked out but it was 75% off

  22. *insert all things TO say to a pregnant woman here* seriously though, you glow in your pictures! i have loved seeing your belly grow throughout the months and i can’t wait to see the little one when it decides to make it’s grand debut! i’m not ready for kids but when we do have one i hope i look half as good as you have!

  23. Girl, you DO deserve a cupcake! I want to send you a big box of Crumbs (they’re my favorite) 🙂 Hang in there! And I have never even been pregnant but I cringe when someone says something like, ‘Wow, your’e huge’! Eeeek!

  24. I went over with all three of my babies. I think it just means they love their mama already. The worst thing for me was when me mum rang wanting to check if id had the baby yet. why yes mum i did and i just thought it would be fun not to tell you, especially since you are the one who is supposed to watch my two other babies while im in labour! I feel you, and boy do I hope someone gets you some cupcakes!

  25. Oh my goodness, Molly – I laughed so hard! I actually went over to my boyfriend and read it out loud to him. I now really want a cupcake…
    You are beautiful, have a cupcake!

  26. Haha! Funny post. I like the biting sarcasm. I am a first time commenter on your blogs. You are doing a brave job in the gym there. Hope everything goes smoothly for you !

  27. Oh how I love this post. I was always so annoyed when people would say those things. “You mean that baby hasn’t come yet?” Yes the baby came. I just like to put a basketball under my shirt to fool the world. I had to listen to those comments with both of my boys because they were 40 and 41 weeks babies. Next time I’m just going to tell the person what I’m really thinking. Congrats on your baby!


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  28. I am sending you two dozen virtual cupcakes that I made all myself!! Hang in there! You are a trooper and everything will be A-OK!!!! It’s in God’s hands….and I know you know that!! And sex at 40+ weeks???? Girl, you are my HERO!!! 😉

  29. i love that one are you sure of your due date?? i would say nope i just made it up in my head, i thought that would a great date so i picked it and went with it!

  30. hahaha i seriously love this. i also seriously love your love for cupcakes, seeing as i share the same passion. honestly, i’m SO excited for you and the baby, whenever he/she decides to get the heck outta that belly! although i don’t know from experience, i have a feeling that this will all be so, so worth it once you meet your little one.

    confession: whenever i see your name on my twitter feed, i’m secretly hoping that you’ve announced that you’re having the baby! excited for you!


  31. Oh my gosh girl, you crack me up. I can only hope I have a sense of humor like you at towards the end. I’m pretty sure since my mother had all 4 of us kids overdue I’ll be in the same boat when my time comes. All you can do is laugh about it and enjoy these last few days with your hubby, and some cupcakes of course. 😉


  32. Both my babies were born after their due dates. Each came on their own time. My second baby was born 13 days past the due date, thankfully no induction required, and labor and delivery coukd mot have gone more smoothely. Just know for very bad labor experience you hear about there are plenty of good ones too.
    Wishing you all the best, and enjoy some yummy cupcakes:)

  33. The texts saying “I bet she comes TONIGHT!” or “today is the day, I feel it” or “so do you feel any contractions today?!” or “have you lost your mucus plug/other labor symptom? Ohh, you won’t go more than a few more days”.

    The first time I never got there because I had to be induced at 38 weeks so I didn’t have to deal with any of the annoying questions BUT the second time when I went 41 weeks trying to VBAC I definitely did. I felt so much more pressure too knowing it was my last “shot” at a natural birth. Honestly, God had a plan all along and afterwards even though things didn’t go how I necessarily planned, I was totally at peace because I knew it all went how it was supposed to. Whatever that looks like for you, God seriously is in control and the amazing thing about going to far into a pregnancy “yourself” is that whatever happens at the end I feel like there isn’t all the second guessing. You’ve been patient, you’ve given it time, and whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Whether you have a hard labor, or an easy labor, trust me it will all be fine!! I had the worst labor the first time according to everyone who asks me my labor story but you know what? I didn’t think it was that bad! It was worth it, and it was how I got that baby into this world, and it just WAS. God gave me the strength in the moment to walk through everything I had to, and it was a million times worth it. And I got pregnant again, so OBVIOUSLY my first experience didn’t phase me whatsoever.

    Eat a cupcake, or ten. I mean what if the baby is just waiting for you to intake a certain number of cupcakes so you get your fill before birth?! Maybe cupcakes are supposed to be part of the plan. I totally say add that to the list of labor inducing methods. I mean, why not? I added massages and pedicures to the labor inducing attempts because ummm, I wanted them haha. I mean, the babies wanted them. :I

  34. I agree with “Are you SURE there aren’t twins in there?!” Had that a few times when I was pregnant with my first. Hang in there mama. You really do look great.

  35. HAHAHA I’m laughing hysterically at my desk–this was just as good as I hoped it’d be. I love how all of the things TO say involved a cupcake. You’re my kind of girl.

  36. Oh my goodness, this made me laugh so hard! I am guilty of saying most of those things to a few pregnant women, even though those same things irritated me when I was pregnant! Seriously, tears in my eyes laughing.

    So. Cupcakes!!

  37. Hahahahahahahaha XD Love you!

    Oh goodness! I laughed so hard on a few of these! I heard cupcakes induce labor….or was it that they are delicious? Either way it’s a win win!

    LOVED the Post! And God does have the perfect story for you & baby, you may not see it now but God’s plans are always much more vibrant and beautiful then what we could ever dream or think of. 😀 His Timing is Perfect, you’ll see ♥

    ♥Linda Mendible

  38. I loved this post – I’m not as far as you but I already find people say the most annoying things to pregnant ladies!! You are doing awesome mama and yes – go have a cupcake! And have one for me too while you’re at it, it sounds good.

  39. Phew! I passed. :o) And for the record, you ARE beautiful. God DOES have a plan and He is carrying it out for you and for sweet stillthebaby. xoxo

  40. I really hated when someone would say, “Well, the baby will have to come out, eventually.” When worded that way, it made me feel like the child would be yanked out.
    Also, I was told that labor was going to hurt and that my body frame would not be able to handle vaginal birth. I was terrified. So many people try to ruin childbirth for expecting parents, especially the mother.
    You’re doing a great job, though. You deserve Chipotle and cupcakes 🙂

  41. Yessssssssss thankyou for this! But you missed one:

    “Are you SURE there aren’t twins in there!!”
    I’ve had that one a few times. Sooo super encouraging :p

    Your body was MADE to deliver this baby.
    You were MADE to be this kid’s momma. You and ONLY you!
    So go have a cupcake 😉

  42. I think every sentence should end with “have a cupcake”. It would make the world a better place. For people waiting on babies to be born & for people who just like cupcakes. The word cupcake could also be swapped out with ‘nap’ 😉

  43. Ah! How frustrating. I almost said one of those things on Instagram a few days ago and thought, “No, that’s probably on one of those ‘don’t say this to a pregnant person’ lists.” So I stopped myself. Well, Molly, I’ll just say that I hope today you magically stumble upon a box of 12 cupcakes from your favorite cupcake shop that happen to be your favorite flavors!

  44. LOL, I haven’t had a baby yet so I cannot totally relate, but your post made me laugh so much, and yes…I’d offer you a cupcake for sure ! Why do people have to say the most embarassing and unuseful things ? I like your sense of humor =) Kisses from Italy

  45. Hang in there Molly! My son, also a tar heel baby, born this past April was a week past his due date. Almost every comment about him being late annoyed me. I love this list and hope you are enjoying multiple cupcakes…you’ve earned it!!

  46. People say the most thoughtless things, don’t they?! You are beautiful and seriously glowing in all your pics lately (and obvs in real life)! God has an awesome plan for you and this sweet baby! Sending hugs and praying for you during this time!

  47. And now I’d like a cupcake…

    True story, you do look fabulous. Are you sure you want baby to come out when you look that good?

    I’ve also heard some people say that labour is rather enjoyable, so maybe you’ll be one of those.

    You’ve totally got this.

    P.S. Your blog makes me happy.

  48. Molly-
    This made me laugh out loud. No, I’m not pregnant, BUT what I did think about was all of the things people say to people who don’t have kids/are trying to have kids/are having trouble having kids. I could write a novel of these. People are just so…silly. 🙂 Good luck and eat some cupcakes! 🙂

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